Monday, July 02, 2007

Another attack - Spineless!

We all now should be soaking quite well in the shocker of a news on the bombings in Glasgow airport. I am rather, shaken up big time on why people really want to be so dogged and punitive by being part of a meaningless mass destruction of this stature. It is really sad and appalling in the sense that we have gotten to a stage where we don't mind that much seeing the fellow human being dead and a bloody death, mind you. Really sad.

If you are angry at something, go bang yourself against the concrete wall. That would stun you and would bring the anger down instead of taking it against the innocent i-work-for-my-living mass. And strangely, the people who are culpable to this action so far is from the Middle East and by large belong to the community that caused the 09/11 heart ache. It is like a never ending weed, this group, is'nt it. The more you pull the more numbers keep coming out. I mean, there are more better reasons to pledge your life instead of this which is like hitting people below the belts.

In the end, who is to be blamed? I don't know what anger they have against other people/country/community. I only wish and pray for the families of the dead and injured and finally hope there be no more of bloody mess of this stature.

And what is even more chilling, is to think should something like this happen in India. I am very worried what we will do and things as small(in terms of the impact and not death), Bombay train blasts and community attacks, in itself took us a long time to grapple and come in terms with it. With larger population density and increasing number of people below the poverty line, would only mean more casualty, more things to blame & more places to point fingers at ! I only wish these mindless perpetrators don't look at the World Map to find out where the Indian Sub Continent is for the time being ! I hope.

Anyway, pray for peace to all - alive and dead !

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