Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Very touching article/slide show

This Article is about the Impact of July 11, 2006 blasts on an innocent family in Bombay in which the Father worked hard for his family, Mother was a happy wife and a good mother to her children and the two sons were the chirpy and dreamy about their future. This has changed ever since the attack a year back.

Sometimes we wonder who is responsible for spineless and culpable acts of terror and we are still soul searching - everyone. This is one reason why I think the premiers to each of the countries fighting terror to act responsibly. It is not about pointing fingers at some religion. But if the perpetrators are part of a religion then there is no harm we point fingers to stop the issue from proliferating. I was so hurt by the public statement made by prime minister Dr. Manmohan singh about feeling "hurt" and "could not sleep" seeing a "terrorist's" mother speak. Now, I want him to read the article and NOT miss any of the lines and tell me if he can sleep well today. I was so moved and touched by the family in question and how much of pain, how much of agony. I am spellbound and wanted to link this article in the site not to show what I think differently about the whole process but to be of some help to the family. The family has hope that some doctor, any where in the world would be able to provide a solution to their son who has been lifeless for 10 months :-(

Please spread the word and I am doing my part and I do it with a feeling of let down as well by the government. Here we are in the first year of the attack and there has been no news about the perpetrators. If this was one end of the blunt knife, the other end was equally appalling. The government has not reached out to the families of the victims of the blast and those who were killed in this dreadful blasts, what laid in front of the families of the kith and kin was unbelievable. The jobs to an extend of cleaner, porter and what not were offered to the families as a "replacement" job. I know the victim may not have held high posts but to have the women and children related to the victim do the work of a porter or a cleaner in a railway platform is demeaning. A cleaner job was offered to a victim's daughter who was holding a MCom degree !

Who is to be blamed? I don't know. This CAN ONLY happen in India and that is one reason why I don't like the audacity of the people here. The take it easy attitude on each and everything around hurts. It is this callous behavior when you want the government to show they care that they turn their backs. What would have happened if it was USA? What would have happened if it was UK? Things might be different. We are yet to find solutions and remedies for actions that has happened a year back and we thump our heart to claim we are the largest democracy and people are happy.

Am sad and I am not a happy camper.

P.S - I was wrong to say there were no signs of the perpetrators. It seems that Anti Terrorists Squad had submitted 10,667 page charge sheet four months after the blasts. The link is "here".

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