Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Entertainer, The fun day

My most days at work is feeling like a zombie and hearing people talk to me but reacting as though I am unable to conjure anything beyond my regular ways of being stoic and cometh the Friday things get reversed. Ever wonder why? I don't know.

My usual work day and how I am during those trying moments is summed up by this poster below [:D]

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. When the moment comes, Friday, I feel so good about the day no matter how I am being treated. I walk like Peter Gibbons in Office Space [:D], nothing hurts me any more and I can't wait for the clock to strike 4:30 and this day of this week was fun mainly because the network connection in the Floor where we work, ok pretend we work, conks out. Everything comes to a stand still. And we see hypocrites standing up from their "cubes of lives" and give out a frustrated feeling. How much we would like to do that? I love that part so much just blame it on the network that the proposal was not saved when you had almost finished it. DARN! And make a big deal but deep down the heart, the feeling of liberation, nothing beats that and today I was not alone in the party.

The entire office was like FCUK I lost my work and our boss was no stranger and he had his script too. And BTW my boss is just a carbon copy of the character Bill Lumbergh enacted by Gary Cole in Office Space. You know what I mean. My Boss had such a melancholic face and pretending he was giving it everything until the dreaded thing that cleaned up his week's work. Can you beat this statement the guy made? LOL. We knew the guy was also frustrated working LOL.

But in real terms, why is it that Friday excites people that work more than any other day? Hey I am not here for a reason, but I am loving it [:D]

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