Thursday, June 28, 2007

Page rank - Again Google !

I was strangely looking at a tool which claimed it could say how important your site - page is and stuff like that. I was kind of attracted to see how my blog site fared and it's ranking. Well let's not go there. It was heart breaking anyway. LOL

But what prompted me was to figure out how someone could randomly decide what each site was worth and if so the due. The inquisitive feeling got better of my and I visited my ever so trusting Wikipedia to find a solution.

Soon I landed there to find what the term "Page Rank" meant, I was in for some serious surprise. The complexity with which the page rank is computed is mind blowing. Visit the link above and try to traverse the picture on "How Page Rank Works"

Mind blowing arithmetic - perhaps it is so because Google is very protective about it's technology that it would not allow anyone know about the "How it works".

If you are tech savvy and want to know what they are please do check the following links on Page Rank algorithms at your leisure.

Hilltop Algorithm, TrustRank Algorithm, Power Iteration Algorithm, Page Rank of Zero, and finally the Eigen Trust Algorithm.

I am flummoxed and bemused everytime I see some thing as obscure as this be and yet it just satisfies me that there are so many great scientific inventions and technology never ceases to amaze me. We should be so very grateful to these great minds at work who make our life easy in moving from a limb to another in the big massive dino called Internet.

Fantastic ain't it?

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