Wednesday, July 02, 2008

And the power of the man goes for a toss !!

When ever I listened to Snap singing "I have got the power", Yea that old timer electronic pop song, I walked with pride and that smile seeing the women acknowledge. Then came the new age toys for the grown up ladies and men still did not lose their ground or territory. They knew they "had the power", if you know what I mean, Now, it seems all the men on planet Earth sure would be a bit touchy and would be losing the ground when they read this information. This "link" is just the last nail on the men's coffin. The scientists hit men below their belt. No literally [:-)]

For now on, the Lesbians too can bear children but the biggest question would be how they would look like. For their are no evidences now as to how the end product would be as a result of this exercise.

So until then, to all the men who are in a relationship, who seek to find a partner, who are letting go of their partners,who hump anything that moves, this is your last chance. Go for the kill and take control of the stock, if you know what I mean!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why calamities shouldn't happen in Chennai?

Ah, you would have thought I was one of those philanthropist thinking high for the people. Sorry to burst your bubble. This is out of frustration that I wanted to vent my feeling. I mean for a few days now "Chennai is reeling under Petrol crisis". Now this was absolutely worsened by the panic stricken men who kept filling their Cars, Bikes, Barrels, Wife's mouth etc etc with petrol where ever they could lay hands on.

So technically the problem as they say was that "Diesel" read NOT PETROL which was scarce. Now what the people have done is to ensure Petrol is a rare commodity too because of their preposterous and overzealous reaction. I mean, I sure think they would have started drinking petrol thinking they could use it some other time. Mabbe these petrol guzzlers should not fart too while someone lights their match or whatever, for their back side would be on fire and the ONGC is going to think, they found a new "gas" reserve !

Now what has happened because of this reaction is that they have etched their name as 'bad' people in tough times. I mean I saw people coming to petrol stations with Barrels man. And on the same note, we work in a place so darn close to the Beach and on Friday there was a prediction of Earthquake resulting in Tsunami (whatever) and you should see the way people crawled down the 13 floors. I mean you can listen to women talk about their in-laws, food plans for the evening and laughing around :-)... So I don't understand how the system works in this part of the world. People show urgency and clamor to things which could be better handled if they maintained composure and show utter disregard to things where one should be a bit diligent.

Anyway, there should be no calamities here for it would be one jokers paradise to see them all do things and perish. Amen!

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