Monday, July 23, 2007

My virgin effort on mixing my favorite series and Coldplay - Ashes 2005.

Oh here is my favorite song, my favorite team - Aussies PLUS one of the fantastic series ever to be played - Ashes 2005. And here is the run up for the series from my favorite site - Wiki. I liked Coldplay's Fix You - from X&Y, which would be the background music.

History behind the game - Ashes is a cricket match which is more of a pride at stake which the Aussies and the poms put on the game when they play. England v Australia is the oldest continuous international cricket fixture, dating back to the first meeting at Melbourne in March 1877. Fantastic ain't it?

A few pictures from the infamous series ever played, which critics hailed as one of the all time best. England regained the Ashes by beating Aussies 2-1 with a match draw.

(a) The Ashes - As big as palm !

(b) England celebrate the series - Fantastic to see the coverage live. What a match !

(c) Flintoff's hundred moment.

(d) When England had 4 runs to regain the Ashes.

(e) Clouds impregnated with lots of rain at TrentBridge.

And finally, the video I mixed. I am still in awe whenever I see it.

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