Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend- Movie Preview

I, watched this rather very interesting movie - Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson in 2006 which won quite a bunch of awards for exceptional work. This movie was a very interesting one indeed. Per an review for this movie - The plot of the movie was the desire to portray and explore a culture as it existed before the arrival of the Europeans led Gibson and Safinia to choose the Mayans for their high sophistication and eventual decline.

Fantastic indeed and it was truly a bloody movie and with powerful visual effects and obviously an interesting and the usual Gibson movie. Quite a serious foreign language movie I have seen so far. The character of Jaguar Paw was the best. Oh well he was the main character to say the least :)

If you really have to see how much the Mayan civilization was self sustained be it medicine, science and yet religious and blind beliefs. Gibson has taken the movie quite nicely and interestingly goes to even show the religious beliefs and human sacrifice to wade away ill and prosperity to the colony. Fantastic to see them on the big screen. But I did not know anywhere in my research post the movie, that Mayan Civilization actually did human sacrifices, it was the Aztec culture during the Incas [OR] was it that the people in Mayan Culture slaved to be the religious sacrifice in Aztec? I would really like to know the relation. Anyway, back to the movie, I liked the scene - "The Eclipse" where the heat priest over looks his men pull out the heart from the slaves and cuts the head and the head rolls down an atleast 200-300 step architecture, mind blowing. Critics too had a few interesting comments on the Solar Eclipse showed in the movie and it can't happen that fast but hey it just a 2 hour film !

If you like foreign movies, this is a must watch and quite interesting indeed. Here are some pictures from the movie:

Until later, Take it easy.

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