Saturday, June 06, 2009

Podcast me,oh the trend!

Thought about the funny evolution the world is going through - change (read it with all caps). Be it education, structure or execution of anything there is a whole lot of perception changes, the paradigm shift I would like to call.

Ages back the way project was executed (read it as anything) was not derived or based on a particular way of standards. Top corporations seem to be catching up with lost time purely by adapting to the difficult approach that is outsourcing and offshoring (still not many know the difference between the two!). But my note here is not about either of them. Instead it is about another change that has simply swept everyone off their feet - podcasts. This rather simple - apple owned, term is amazing to believe how much it has become the rule-of-life for any knowledge sharing or best practises.

Hard to believe that Apple claims it has 1,00,000 podcasts in its stores. Hard isn't it? To again retrospect and feel that in such a short span of time since its evolution to have got a ground like this is a fantastic achievement as such. Four years back no one knew about this, now every a college going teen knowns what this is and how to use it in the optimal way. I am always a big fan of technology and improvements, to me this is a massive way forward. As we move ahead, we have ensured that we don't leave breadcrumbs behind to know where we started from. This is change is going to stay and for all my money will improve a zillion times with time.
(Isn't this the same way an USB port started coming in desktops to begin with and with time it is so exclusive that no computer is accepted as a computer without an USB!).

Magic of change. BTW, there is a podcast for change too :-]

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh morals wherefore art thou?

I was itching to write up an article soon after 'officially' it was announced that Indians are targeted in Australia and slowly it caught up the imagination of people and became the breakfast-lunch-dinner news for days and into weeks. Are we right with our cutthroat analysis and the 'sensationalizing' attitude to petty information? Now, don't get me wrong I called it 'petty'.

Let me list what my take is on this whole tamasha. Now, in any country there are certain places you should not go to - no matter alone or in a group esp when you don't specialize in violence at any point of time in your life (and FYI, specializing on violence is not about like beating up your brother or some animals and emerging a victor!) . A group is no power when people retards are tagged in one side in the other side. Well, in the US, the downtowns are the most dreaded spots where the black form a group and harass people. I was called up at one time from the back and I did not react to that call from them and my friend and I walked (my friend wanted to respond to the call by going to them!) It still chills my spine wondering what would have happened if we had reacted. But the simple fact is "losers" are part of any society. It is about how you are sensible enough to avoid them. So people who don't exercise this will eventually get mugged. That happens in India too. Isn't it?

Common sense is not common as they say is the more important reason for what happened and how it happened in Australia. Indians for some reason seemed to have larger interest on residentship and all that which stopped them from lodging a complaint to the cops. This just makes me smile on how gullible people become and eventually blinded by this whole 'interest'. Isn't protecting yourself foremost important than coming to India with one eye or one hand and say 'mate I am an Australian'? I always believed in one thing - 'Action - consequence' chain and what happened to most of the gullible people is the consequence to the action they chose.

Coming back to the main point, Is India a racial free country? We take extreme measure to go and tap everyone's table whenever we think they are doing something. Yea, what the Indian government did by intervening is good but it is like the 'top selling hypocrisy' that will surely rock the best sellers table ! We, in India, have a religion wise divide, linginuistic divide, region wise divide, skin color divide. We beat up the deep lower middle class people and make them get into sewers and mind you these jobs are only for these people. We call ourselves 'non racial' and to me it is beyond any doubt that we are trying to do a political puppet show to satiate the people who voted them to the position. And irony is that the 'developed' countries will never be in a position to counter react when they are classified as 'racial'. Funny thing is it is like that killer blow, it is like the this - a lean guy can call a person 'ugly fat' guy but when the fat guy calls a person a 'lean' guy, it is offensive :-]

Haven't we done horrendous acts of crime to the foriegn nationals when they are in India? The political heavy weights get involved and bury the case because there was a same religion tag team that worked that time.

People beat the shit of students and many others just like the losers in Australia, did that make India a racist economy? When Indians burned down trains when some petty same 'religion' motto was compromised, did that make India a racist economy? When youngsters get beaten/women burnt by junkies as a result of ragging or for non compliance of some practices from the past, did that make India a racist economy? When we sent 'certain' sect of people only into 'live, smelly' sewer pipes, did that make India a racist economy? When we have the classification and Or is it that the nomenclature - rascism is defined and practiced when it is appropriate or needed?

We all feel it is an opportune moment to send in a hard punch to Australia by calling it 'racist economy'. Are we right? Perhaps vindicated for some things that happened in the past ... Might be.

Yo mayte ! if you did not like what I wrote, me thinks you are a racist !!

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