Saturday, January 19, 2008

Price, Priceless and Accountability !

Just to sum up what I meant, let's do the picture ways.

So here we go:

To be the "First" and "Only" country beating Australia in Australia under 4 days in their own revered bastion - Perth, Priceless !

And Dilbert has to be accountable for this - Killing the incredible desi intern Asok from IIT. I am appalled and why Asok :-( ?!?

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Product Vs Model(s) - Men (or) women?

Ever wondered how it would be to have a product which would have a great mass appeal if it had a girl model. I guess sometimes it is much better to accept reality then to compete along and make a fool out of yourself [OR] let's say bring the gay instinct within you LOL.

See below on why men can choose to pass few advertisement modeling. Sometimes, I guess, to accept the truth that women models have a far reaching effect compared to men. Ok here we go then..

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yo, what's with this recent attitude, Dudleybouy?

Yea I am just so puzzled with this strange, bizarre retort attitude which has been making beeline in many(lets say all) media channels, papers and all taking side of a "player"and making a big story of the country not being racist. Yea, I am talking about a player calling another player something and it sure helped the billion dollar - media industry big amends by making great shows literally 24 hours talking the same stuff over and over and again. Suddenly a small issue in the field several thousands miles away became a burning issue within the country and we did not feel sorry for involving the country's premier in this as well by putting him in a spot ! Why is it that we always over react? Why is it that we get so emotional about somethings that pertain to just a game?

Well how about we look at it as a sport and get so ridiculously fanatic and radical about each and every crazy move the player makes. A football player in Columbia , Andrés Escobar, who was shot and killed in Medellín. Some attribute the murder to the own goal that Escobar scored in the 1994 FIFA World Cup! I guess this is what radicalism takes you to. People make a living on the game outcome, betting, scandal blah blah. Hey, how about that there have been many dubious decisions that go into any sport and people take it and move on as it is just a game. I would not be surprised if any of the players in the Indian Cricket team would be taken down by the gun sometime, someday. With all the love they give there is the surprise "shot" hidden elsewhere, I reckon.

May be that we are so emotional and we have this immense inferiority complex over the whites that the media take so advantage of to their own benefit? I don't know. We all talk about a fall out in civilization when we offend a particular sect of people - Afro Americans. And these days racism is such a big F word, you just don't say a word against them and oh ! they are the most predominant drug peddlers and dealers making it all so bad to themselves but yet we are so biased and we don't mean it when we really say "Well don't abuse this guy because he is the only guy who is "different", strange".

It is bizarre to me that the country suddenly thought the allegation against one player, who is not culpable of his flaws, was against the whole country. Hello! If something is about the country, it is for them to figure out how to make sure women are not openly vandalized and abused in public. That is something that the leaders and people who rule the country should be worried about and not talk about and eventually take sides to recommend actions on what should be done - Unsolicited though. Suddenly the policies of the country, meeting agenda everything was side tracked and everyone were talking about - hey are we racists? This is a new word to us all and started crying foul.

I think we should leave the ONLY sport of India alone, which has more than a billion people in the country and yet we patronize only this sport, where we are not even 100% competent. I was suddenly quite interested in the number of sports Indians play and Wikipedia, my best mate, came up with this bizarre count. Sadly, how many sports do we excel in? Where is our attitude towards all this? Are we even complaining about this? Are we even doing anything to it? Is media going to do anything to it? We are all so busy crunching numbers, how to make it big that we hash, rehash the same point over and over for which they get several billions. Well nothing against it, but how about showing some maturity and move on?

Let's make a small comparison with Australia, who have clearly dominated the whole world of sports and name a game there would be a competent sportsman representing the country. They nearly threw Brazil out in their FIRST ever encounter in world cup soccer and they had to deal with a harsh decision and I guess they would have moved on. May be raring to have a go at the next world cup. We are so put off with the decisions in the latest game against them in Sydney, isn't it? We talk about it over and over again, we deal with the situation by abusing the guy - umpire, dishonoring the guy by making him a donkey and suddenly start stoning the animal to a surprise death when it had not done anything wrong. Poor soul in middle of heartless people ! WE suddenly become the god's good children vindicated by what had happened and forgetting that there are so many atrocities happening within the country and still have a long way to go in any sphere of work towards world domination. In the same line, How about the bad decisions they got when they were in India under the leadership of Steve Waugh. Do we remember umpire Bansal? Hello?!?!? and did they talk this loud over what had happened, this long?

I think IF we had not taken much into reading the news beyond what it should have been worth, it would be a great feeling to all. Sadly, we don't.We will continue to beat and kick the dead horse. We will talk about the decisions for another 20 years, we will blame the work done by the opposition to eke a win, we loathe players who will genuinely put up a good effort, we will burn effigies, we will bad mouth, we will abuse parenting and we will never move on. Obviously the country, the second populous country and would still be the second best team fighting among ourselves and being so lame, unable to stamp the authority over the game like Australia did.

This is a sport after all. Why is it that the politicians get so overly involved? Why is it that the media talks only about this sport? Why is it that we don't approve any other sport? Why is it that we don't have the ability to patronize other sports and convert ourselves to a winning team? Oh now don't talk about Daniel Chopra, he is not an Indian, he is a swede. Oh yea we will continue to do just one thing, that is to counter oppose the Supreme Court's decision to stop the cruel, worthless sport - Jallikattu -, where the whole village would run amok over a poor, hapless animal and bring it down to only kill it - sometimes by sheer weight? Just reminds me of the same sport elsewhere in Spain ! Guess we are second to them there too !!

Anyway this point has been so cooking along inside me for a while on how and why are are for what we are. I think it is safe to conclude it is always beneficial to use the emotional side of the cult and that is what is happening in India, we know what it takes to cause a problem and we will hurt them and would feed on the scab and definitely poke the wound to ensure it does not heal so that we feed on that issue for years to come and the end result - lots of money in form of glamor and advertisement for an issue that is not worth and was never worth this much of time. Hit people below the belt with some worthless discussion and response. Mabbe that just sums up why are we always second to all?

Sigh ! Why are we, what we are ?

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Movie Review - Across the universe

I saw this real cool movie, oh yea, if you are a Beatles fan it helps even more to go ga-ga over this move - Across the universe. But before we even think about starting over, it certainly would have been much beneficial if every idiot movie watcher atleast found out what movie they were going to watch and thereby not behave like psychedelic retarded teen kids inside the movie theater - by the way, it is absolutely normal for movie watchers in India to let go their mobiles ring within the theater, take calls, discuss about mortgage payment, talk loudly but intimately with their love life seated next seat. Perhaps, taking democracy to different plateau.

But for starters, this is a MUSICAL meaning there are going to be songs, many indeed with a plot sorts. So if you don't like, do the near by movie watcher a favor by not going in and spoiling it all for them.

I found this movie to be a perfect mix of the 60's set up, cool images, amazing songs. NYTimes says, "This risky hybrid of long-form music video and movie musical with clearly drawn characters tells the story of Jude’s star-crossed love affair with Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), a girl from upper-crust East Coast suburbia. It follows the couple as they are swept up and come apart in the evolving counterculture of left-wing politics, love, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll."

Its 33 Beatles songs (I am told!) which have been re-recorded. Yet “Across the Universe” feels emotionally true both to the Beatles, whose music today seems to exist outside of time, and to the decade it remembers. Smart, uncluttered musical arrangements help reposition the songs to address the situation at hand. As a result, music that has congealed in collective memory — especially the clever, breezy early Beatles songs — emerges refreshed.

So this movie, particularly, is an appreciative move by all the Beatles fan out there importantly the guy who plays the Jude character not only has the "good" looks but does a bit of acting too quite neat. The Strawberry fields song picturisation with the strawberries stuck up in the white board to show how his heart feels the pain and vacuum so it draws into the war situation in Vietnam where Mexx is stuck up with bombs, pictured as Strawberries, fall out and total chaos as a result. It has been a great refreshing moment to see genre of movies like this being taken and it sure appeases the dedicated, that small cult of followers.

I basically don't want to go with a run down with the movie outline. See it to enjoy it for yourself.
I would give it a 9 on 10 and should, should you ever like a musical you should not miss this out.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

What forwards do..

What forwards do is make a pig out of yourself. No I did not want to sound harsh or rude. Usually forwards is an act of a loser sitting somewhere there laughing to himself and creating some random, great looking and meaningful pictures, which when read by the sucker who gives it all hands down thinking "gee ! am not alone !".

However, some forwards are usually a bit meaningful - other than the Rai's or or Kardashian's or Atkinson's pictures. I got a pretty neat forward for which I don't have to ramble more any further. So I thought I would rather put it up here and get stoned by the readers like you :-)
Again, some of them are so well written that it just says more than all words put together.
So get ready to have the dart stick in my unblemished face guys.. Here we go:

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