Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pass me the new culture, Dudleybouy!

Being in Madras, a remotely cosmo city when I left India and to see what it is now after a while is heartening. Things seem to have reversed as is the case in all major metros in the country. For instance, I was in a restaurant, a calm one at that outside the city about say 50 KM's mark for my dinner and I for once felt I was truly in a cosmopolitan city. The table behind me was reserved by folks from Middle east, a big family that, the table to my left was by a few over-the-hill aged Americans and a table in front of me was occupied by a "single" American and in a far off place an North Indian family. Now, maybe the place I went is a very posh kinda expensive one but heck this was not it was a few years ago. Interesting, if this was one thing, the walk in the mainstay city was another story. Every time you would easily see a young blonde walking past with her mobile phone in her hands, or couple of laid back folks from Europe doing the road stunts trying to run from one side of the road to another, or go to a ice cream joint, viola, foreigners again trying to soak in the ambiance whilst rummaging the joint to eventually settle down near a corner over looking the road spot. And then slowly take out their laptops and start playing with that with a frequent giggle. Oh! then you always got the Generation Y kids as well making their mark.

And I slowly take in all these changes and smile deep down at the transformation not just by the inflow of international citizens but also how much things seem to have changed within the country as well. Cool sneakers, cool gadgets, cool fashion statements and the exposure these young men and women get will definitely make them a good competition at the highest level .. Man, I love this all changes which has been eluding the city.

Interesting to say that this would not have been possible if not for the market doing well in the IT front which is aiding ALL other fields of interests indirectly in a big way. A statistics taken across the world would show that Indians are the optimistic ones when it comes to being consumers of any goods/products or with their life. Why? Because of the surplus money they have right now. People feel taxed at work, take a 3-4 days off to fly to Thailand for a body massage and a good vacation, flying to Singapore/Malaysia for a vacation WITH the family when the kids have a summer break, if no time to go to any other country they spend good sizable bucks on being "metro sexual" and that is the new age gender classification and men are not scared to accept that classification, or honey moon to exotic places and finally when they have a feeling of been there done it all, they go to Africa to see the other part of life where people struggle to make two ends meet (Not to say everyone in India are better off, but the statistics is based of the folks in the echelon unit of the society). Brands are no longer a strange word in this new culture. Louis Vuitton to Prada to Puma to Ego to Hugo Boss to Tagheur to eat outs to hang out options to what not. The country is now in a metamorphosis trying to grapple and hug all the brands & all the newer things which is a common in a "Developed" country and passing on a new flavor of life to the new age Generation X and Y Indians. Oh! plus the plush jobs and greater brands settling in India makes it that much more an interesting place to work.

Now to do a counter comparison, not many family in the US actually fly out to any other country for a vacation, perhaps the country has so much to offer to them. That is a different story but this comparison in itself is sufficient to just see how the culture has changed thus far. An air ticket is about 30 grands to Singapore and a family of 4 would be spending about a 0.1 million rupees for the air ticket alone which works to about 2000-3000 $. And that is a lot of money and not all get to do that abroad (may be within the country too, but things are changing and numbers are increasing). The term "Chauffeur" is a derogatory term in the Europe these days and we borrowed that and we use it to good effect that all corporates get pampered with a "Chauffeur" driven car. Where is this luxury any where else in the world? I would say NO WHERE else but India. That is what makes it an interesting proposition. Got bucks, learn to live like a real king sized life and get be grounded by this new economy driven by the youngsters and an intricate society values (shock and awe). Live in partners are not a strange awe word no more. Playing with multiple boyfriends or girlfriends now is an art which all the kids have mastered, work hard and spoil yourself and finally shout loud - One life mate. Live it king size. This is the new age Indian attitude - the new age culture.

If people are willing to work and not make money by seeking alms and change in attitude of the people over respecting people for who and what they are and finally respecting the dignity of labor then I think this is the best place to be eventually. But mind you that is bloody, mighty big IF.

Pass this new culture to me dudleybouy !!

Bon Aprees Midi.

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