Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from my hiatus

It was just getting to my nerves the amount of time and endless fight within myself dealing with people with varying capabilities at work. It was finally a situation like water under the bridge or over the bridge, we had to let it all go and I decided it would be wise to take a break and relax by going to a vacation. It was a mixed feeling the whole vacation but was wiser when I got back to think how some people, no matter whom you treat as friends and not acquaintance, will sometimes take you for granted and make a super dumb fuck out of you. Sometimes wonder what people do to boost their ego, well I guess you do this then you become alone in this world. End of story. I am glad I could learn how to deal with this experience and handle it so calm.

Anyway, that was not my point anyway, I had a surprise blood donation camp today at work and it was a super feeling to give blood to someone. Atleast think like that because if there are no takers for my blood group then chances are high that it might be thrown out to the drains. But I am sure this city is so big and vast someone would get benefited. I still have a big lump popping out of my right arm after the blood donation. They say it is good to donate blood every six months. It is a good thing after all the blood gets regenerated. So we lose nothing. Next time around if there are any blood donation camps, just give it a shot to see how you feel.

Back to the regular mundane chores of life, I would pen more frequently now.

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