Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2007 Urban agglomerated populace at a glance

I was looking at a rather interesting site "City Mayors" which had very many interesting facts on display.This bubble map below shows the global distribution of top 400 cities with atleast 1,000,000 inhabitants in 2007. (Courtesy Wikipedia - Metropolis)

Wow! Look at India and interestingly the East Asia for growth. For me the most interesting fact on this display is that of China. But for the already expanded cities, Beijing and Shanghai, there are not many cities which is growing at a break neck pace, in terms of population density. This surely means there are a few stiffer regulations in place in the communist country and they don't like being called "Most populous country" I reckon. Another parallel comparison would be look at the Asia-Pacific belt, look at the growth in Australia and New Zealand for a change ! And to while away your time places like Mongolia, Central Africa depicts a grim and a solemn picture and sadly so the life style and opportunities does not seem to change for any futuristic growth. Real sad facet in the world map at this point of time.

For your benefit, here's the Link to get the list of fast growing cities with respect to Urban Agglomeration.

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