Thursday, July 05, 2007

Interesting law abiding people

I am going to talk about two instances of activities that seemed to have happened in as many days.

To start with, this seems like a news to me about a Rajkot woman walking semi-nude to get her divorce. Reason, she had been abused mentally and physically by her husband AND they wanted lotsa quids as "Dowry" ! So she decided to walk the talk and talk the walk by stripping to her under clothes through the city. BULL !!

Now now, since when the Indian penal court was in favor of the men when it came to Dowry cases. Don't take me wrong for sounding like a chauvinist but the fact is it is so lopsided. Considering how women were treated before time, it was most appropriate that the government came in favor by passing a Anti-Dowry Bill. If a lady walks and makes a statement, the son and the in-laws are behind the bars straight away. This was the reason why it sounds lopsided coz all it takes is just ONE complaint and without any offense to anyone, the person (even before knowing if he committed the crime) is behind the bars.

The lady in context could have just done that without embarrassing herself. She even protested to walk NUDE to the commissioner's office, if justice was not provided.

I could not but empathize her. Just for the fact that someone misguided her. She is young, brave and she could have just walked the cross roads to the police office and lodge a complaint. Dowry cases are acted on much faster than any other case. Instead of this, what she suggested to was nothing short of cheap thrill. Who cares if she walks nude or semi nude, the law will take the course and if ever she did something like what she had proposed, what was her next plan of action? The whole village would have seen her nude. How about calling that a food and a show LOL. Sometimes, emotional decisions would only end up being a butt of ridicule.

Looks like the in-laws and the husband are now in the jail. May justice be given to whichever group that was saying truth.

If this was a bigot or a rush of the moment decision, there was something more in store. The premier of India has made an appeal to UK and Australia about not stereotyping the Asian community - thanks to the Muslim Bombers. It was not just that, there was also a statement which was preposterous. He felt offended seeing a mother cry over his son's alleged link to the blasts. The other populist statement that was aired was - "He said that this could create a sense of alienation within the Muslim community, adding that he believed that the focus on a specific community and on these families was very, very unfortunate"

Now, how many innocent Indians have been killed before and how many mothers have cried and lamented the loss of their kins, did the premier feel offended then that made him think and feel out of words? What irks me most is this double standards & whammy which is completely clouded by political instincts and beliefs. India has definitely not been a stranger to terrorism (Thanks to the "Good" neighbors) and India is not going to lose first blood for time immemorial for a cheeky issue. But what is important is when the premier makes a visit and it looks like he is taking side for the minor religion, Muslim, which the politicians believe has a say in their ruling future. Governance is a different story and there is no need to take anyone's side. Everyone knows and will not dare say it thinking it might bring some wrong doing but hey we are not stigmatizing a particular community for the heck of it. There are evidence for their action which is appreciated by their own clergy. (The Britain attacks in July was appreciated by their own Muslim clergy, who has lived in UK for 27 years in a live television show last year).

This was like a shot below the belt. I think as a premier, I, the representative and a common citizen would expect kill blow shots like the perpetrators would be pounded and those alive to see them getting pounded will not want to do such ignoramus act which would be culpable to an extend that death is not going to be easy. Instead of that take the premier takes an easy route and in a fear India be categorized as a Country which has links to Al-Qaeda, taking sides is not a solution and WE will no more be happy watching the stage puppet shows like this.

Anyway, these were two different personalities each overshadowed by emotions - One thought running Nude was the way to get justice while the premier thought taking sides of the group was going to bring some mental solace to the community. Eventually, everything else is not bigger than the country and the way it has to be governed.

But sadly it is the vote banks that sit in the minds of the governing body more than anything else. Come down to Madras and see the reservations and you will be flabbergasted to even construe the actual need for such big reservation percentages and in spite of that the community, people have not taken to any wrong doings and I do recall how many children killed themselves knowing that they did not get the right percentage to follow their dream career and how many mother wept then. Where were these politicians then? It is a sad day today that the premier has made audacious claims knowing they are the accomplice !

This is my independent thought which may or may not go well with the reader from any place. If you feel that my thought in this note has caused any qualm, I apologize for the same.

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