Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh! Are you an Idiot or an Ignorant or a Hypocrite?

Every time I read news about our politicians and ministerial representatives being moral police and holding strong to the cliché “Treat-women-with-respect” adage, it pisses me off beyond control even more. This time around, they have banned two ads - Lux Cozy Underwear and Amul Macho Underwear. Why? They call this inappropriate and both have been prohibited for transmission or retransmission on all broadcasting platforms with immediate effect. Now, who are we kidding? The expressive lady in the ad did what is the obvious and that the underwear was durable enough to stand the tests!! Here we are talking about a straight forward ad which has nothing to do with anyone. Rather it is quite funny the way it is depicted but hello, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry is jobless and they got to clamor at something every once in a while to show their presence.

Why is any form of expression pertaining to sex considered appalling by the viewers in the country? Why is it that parents just don’t want to talk about sex to their children?

The government first banned a channel – AXN (when they showed The World's Sexiest Advertisements), then FTV and now these petty ad works. Wait a minute if you are so protective about the so called “women”, then why is it that the most gory, hurting and shameful incidents happen to your women folk in the country? Why is it that a teenaged girl from a reputed public school becomes pregnant of six months as a result of her sexual relationship with a friend of class XI? Why is it that a 10 year old was eve teased by 20+ year old youngsters and inspite of being run over by the car, why is it that no action was taken against these perpetrators until the media intervened? And umpteen number of disturbing news. Bottom line – Educate people and do what it takes to spread the word – Sex Education. Unless that happens the urge to hump anything and everything that moves is going to continue. The general inquisitive looks will turn to lengthy stares at the obvious in all girls will continue. Wait a minute there is a flip side to it, more information describing the anatomy might mislead the kids. Heck! Who are we kidding? No one is a saint and if the kids know the information and the repercussion of doing a particular act least they can do is to be informed and know how to protect them. It is all about PROTECTION and being SAFE to know when you are being sexually attacked. End of story. I think these sums up our idiocy to the core when it comes to educating the citizens.

It is for this reason that we are still thousands of miles away from the actual civilization (barring the Middle East communities). When the CBSE wanted to introduce sex education in their curricula, there were out bursts from the teaching fraternity that it was a bit uneasy subject. Hello! What is so funny and being ashamed about? It is nothing but telling the kids that they are growing old and there is going to be some kind of metamorphosis, and few things that everyone should know so that they atleast know what “Molestation” is or atleast when someone tries to do something like that. And that is why teachers should be well qualified too. Education should matter from now on for every position. Unless we are educated, we just cannot talk issues openly. Every body knows this as well! When there was a “Vibrating Condom” released to the market, there was an immediate outcry. Why? It is a sex toy and so the hippocratic ministers in-charge, felt they would be used for a wrong cause. Hello! What the hell is wrong with that pea sized brain of these people? Every developed country has a sex toy store and I feel it is most right to have them as well. Besides what is the big deal! Hippocratic society we live in is the reason for such a wasted life. We continue to rot.

What we do wonderfully by shunning away from these topics is:

  1. Create unawareness among the children growing up and not letting them know what organs are “responsible” for “what” and how to be aware of sex.
  2. Continue to cocoon the kids in a “mystic and hippocratic” society that “know less about sex information” is best for me.
  3. Not being open to future and the forth coming generation pass on the wand of ignorance and hypocrisy to theirs doing nothing good to anyone.
  4. Putting the growing kids in a spot by not preparing them to sense a sexual assault. They are as able as a newly born gazelle when the sexual predators target them.
We are living in a society where we still cry foul if we talk about condoms, sex toys and finally sex. End result is out there in black and blue as an outcome of our ignoramus life we have led so far – India ranks 2nd in world population and 3rd in HIV cases. The guys and gals just are equally clueless when it comes to sex for their first time after marriage. Strangely so, sex is LEGALLY allowed only after marriages. And when someone film star talks about women/men losing virginity before marriages, then it hits the headlines for a tangential reason. A PIL – Public Litigation is issued when the lady spoke bold! Yea back to them point even before they know each other the newly wed soon become parents for 2 and they still DON’T know how to please their partner and this is the end of their sex lives and their adventure (forceful) starts in public transportations where they get to express their enormous sexual feeling on other passengers! Sad story this is ONLY because of keeping every one in the dark when it comes to sharing the obvious. This only leads to ignorance and ignorance is never bliss, I tell you.

I have many of my educated friends – liberal ones who strongly feel this move was worthless and baseless. There are a few who still feel living in the cocooned up life by not talking about sex to their family is the best way to it. I feel in the end the onus is left to us on how you want to have a “real” educated life and the boon and bane nomenclature is best described by us. In the end, are we Idiots not to talk about sex and yet be top ranked with HIV cases and preemptive abortions and child abuse? I don’t know if we speak openly about issues such as these would classify as a truly educated and responsible citizen. I don’t know.

In the end, who am I, Dudleybouy – Am I an idiot, an ignorant or a hypocrite?


Some information which might look like I have contrived is echoed by a news article “Here”. Which only means the feeling is right :-]

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