Saturday, July 28, 2007

Few lighter moments

Was chancing across a few interesting pictures and thought I will fix it for a lighter moment.

LOL - Funny

Hahaha... can't see you grow soon !
Oh the darn Texans !

Manager's speech before getting drunk!

Phew ! Lucky guy.

Ever since I was born, this has been in my mind.

Oh yea.

Lesson to all girls. Animals are no joke LOL.

LOL - Way funny.
Dedicated to Vidya !

Oh yea! Know what you are talking?

One more !

There he goes again.. LMAO.

And remembering PS :-]
My-my... Poor guy LOL.

Whacha thinking!

Cute guy !

Welcome to India !!!!

Welcome to an Arab Country/Muslim Country!

Long live budda!!!
The guy is unbelievable LOL..

Horny Elephant(Bachelor) - Who does not like women?

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