Monday, July 16, 2007

Thoughts - Lotsa them this time

This time around it seemed like I don on a thinking cap bolstered by "wonderful" events around us kept me grappling with myself plus the joy of working Monday to Friday (!) kept me busy. So the thought below is what I had been questioning myself with, justifying and opposing myself, whenever I got a chance to think. Eventually I decided to write it down and there by throw the monkey off my back. Now that you would start thinking.

Thought 1 - The Indian Muslim doctor gets a meaty sentence in Australia. Prolly a good 15 years behind the bars and the guy is 27 years old and the lady to whom he is married to has just delivered a baby and they are in Bangalore, India ruing the misfortune. Now any sympathies for this family? I think what Australian folks have done is the right way to handle crime and extremism. I have nothing against anyone but they factual presentation would make sense what has happened thus far is the right step forward. Before that just to brief a few regularities which are followed in other countries so that it makes sense what people "innocently" do to expose their "ignorance". Penny wise pound foolish is the most appropriate adage for the context now.

Now, every other country other than India, has this extreme sense of their Identify protection. Even as a foreigner to any developed country, a little interaction is all it takes to understand what that means to you and your subsequent stay. Unlike here, any screw up with your score would be very very detrimental in the stay. In that lieu, the guy in context hands the SIM card and other related documentation to another "Indian" when he was leaving the UK. Atleast, if the guy had something called a brain, he would have called the wireless company to inform something like this and thereby the subsequent billing address changes and you can get off the hook. And wireless companies do approve of such move when you have leave the country, you can transfer the number and the instrument. Sometimes stingy and conservative Indians, would like to bring home or where ever they go the 'imported' handset and there by do an under table transaction and just get the SIM card transfers done to ANY other Indian and I have seen many a time something like this being done. Because of these cheap gains, a real culprit can go scout free ! So the hero of the story says he gave SIM card to his "Cousin - Terrorist" and not knowing what they were upto and let it go thinking all is well.

Now, the guy in question, is held back as an aftermath to what happened when his "relative" had bombed an airport in Glasgow. The Aussies have had their own unique way of interrogation and had concluded that, "Any allegiance with an extremist group either with an intent or unknowingly is culpable". Now this is a good eye opener to all immigrants/native people that make a mistake and the government is going to rap the finger. Fantastic decision but at the same time I feel awfully awkward about the family back home. No one ever wants to live 15 years in solitude and separation and life to them is not going to be the same after this. Trust me. I feel bad for them. Hey, that is what happens when we end up mixing with a wrong company. So don't blame anyone [OR] ask the premier to represent your case. Hats off to the Australian organization/working committee for taking time to frame charges.

I have this Plethora of thoughts as always on the efficacy of the Indian administration without sounding to deride their policies. What would we do when we had to encounter a decision making situation like this? What can we really do? July 07 2006, is a year old and we are still playing around with a huge list of documentation against the "supposed" terrorist list. This just sums up our ability as a country. By writing this powerful line, I don't mean to sound like a unpatriotic person. I love the country as much as any other fellow Indian. But I am clueless when the administration ends up being bemused as much as I am, as a citizen. It appalls me then and I lose hope on these people helping us out under any circumstance. Look how much time Australia took to protect its citizen with a futuristic thought playing their mind - What if this happens here in the future? And we would work on a situation when it presents itself to us.

To quote-unquote a business magazine once said, "India's development is despite the government whereas development in China is because of the government". What a powerful, meaningful line this is. Is'nt it? But sadly this is the truth with the government bending the back when it wants and flexing it when it feels. Shri. Narayanan Moorthy, Infosys founder said, "It is the red tapeism in the bureaucratic rule is the major impediment to the success". And now because of all these the damage is done - Indians are also going to be singled for each and every search when they try to board a plane that flies abroad. I wish the terrorists were of a different color to mine in that way I would not be forced to go through the brunt like this. Thanks to these moronic families and people. Just to make it official, "I HATE YOU GUYS !".

Run up of the events pertaining to the Glasgow attacks is "Here".

Thought 2: How many obese people do we find around us? They would confess for themselves that they look a bit different to the rest of the clan around. They want and feel the need to lose weight and every nook and corner now has a fair enough facilities with a Gym center. But the want speedy recovery so they choose several crude forms of removing body fat. Liposuction, the most common and the deadliest form of removing body fat. Your body after the operation undergoes so much changes and so much pain. Jeesh... If this was one sorry tale, there is something called Stomach Stapling, which is more about stapling and reducing the size of the stomach so that you don't feel hungry quite very often. And the last of all surgeries for this mess is through a Laparoscopic surgery.

My thought to all this, if you are so keen to shed weight there are ulterior better ways to do so. Why resort to such painful ways? The chances of survival because of the pain is unbelievable. Sadly, half the crowd that undergoes such surgeries don't know if for any reason they would be in a trauma later.

Off late, the floating money around many a people is making people to endorse such operations which is a killer to a large extend. I detest and loathe such surgeries.

Follow the formula, Body work out = Weight loss.

Thought 3 : Ever spared a thought for a country as small like Japan? Oh you ask what about them? Well, then they are one country where Earth quake is a more or less a regular affair and their system which predicts it and eventually the Tsunamis and how they handle it. The natural killers. Oh the uneventful Nuclear Bombing and little over 60 years of that act and now the small country has gone leaps and bounds and one of the fore running champions of the world be it anything. But for English though :-)

Such a small country and so much of development. Sheer hardwork and passion to excel their personal lives.

Compare India with Japan. More or less same time we had for the development and what we have excelled so far is in the population and having extreme percent of Emotional thoughts.

I sincerely hope we make good use of the present trend and make a mark for ourself and not make a big fool out of ourself after the IT burst.

Heck! who cares what I think and say. But these are truth to a relative extend if you think about it with a sane mind and not with an emotional heart. Development is never attained by being emotional just being rational at this point of time is the only way forward to go anywhere. I, am really inquisitive now about where the development for Tsunami Warning System stands at. They said when they started that it would be in an execution mode by 2010 or so. I will do some research on that later :-)

Until then, these were my rustic thoughts for the past six days.

Adios and wish you all a successful and eventful week with lots of peace to your mind. Stay beautiful and smile as much.

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