Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Comparing Bangalore and Madras

No I am not going to call these marvelous cities as Bengaluru and Chennai :-( I don't like that very much. I thought the name was more suave to start with and they changed the name because of the linguistic feeling. Anyway, the thought was to just check why there is a disparity between the two cities when they are so awefully close to Madras. So I did a basic research on the temperature and a few little factual presentation from World Bank Site as well.

On the temperature front, here's is why Bangalore has the nose ahead of Madras. When it comes to the Average High(s), Madras is about 7-8 deg hotter than Bangalore PLUS there is a humidity factor which has a telling blow. On the average low(s), Bangalore is about roughly 10 deg cooler than Madras. Ain't that a big deal straightaway.

This is the tabular difference between the two metros (Oh Yea, Bangalore and Hyderabad are India's new Metros) - Per the stats from World Bank. But someone was saying that by year 2010, Madras would overtake Bangalore in the export revenues. But heck! Bangalore city has a better work culture and better crowd any day compared to Madras. My head is slightly tilted towards Bangalore as I wait to see if the change in infrastructure and everything surrounding it changes in Madras, then perhaps I will change my mind then.

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