Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smart Businesses and women

Now don't look at this as a serious post - yawn another one ! but it has been what I perceive of this manager in a Star Restaurant(would be 5 soon) called Rain Tree in Madras. Well nothing drastic but what perception does to the entire business is to be seen to be understood.

I have been frequenting this place for my lunch with my friend since it started and it used to be not such a crowd puller then. I am told that there was a position change, non performers were fired and soon a very young manager was appointed and he dutifully came and introduced himself to us considering we were the few who had been visiting their den , sorta loyally. So what this dude does is staggering for us to imagine.

He goes around and recruits this such a hot blonde babe.. Jesus christ, I am so out of words to say this. She is the women's answer to Shah Rukh Khan's flat six pack. I almost counted 3 but anyway she was such a hot property and soon a few teens stepped in and used to giggle around seeing her. BTW, before I forget the lady's job in the restaurant is limited to keep an eye on who comes to lunch. She basically stands through the day and laughs and smiles. Dear god how cute she looks ;-)

Now the business has caught up fast and when we visited this place again, this place is a buzz of activity. There are the Belgians, the Americans, the Brit and the chinks and the common feeling is towards the oomph factor. They are doing exceptional business and the lady is still there shying and coying around like a teenager. A small word like "Hey why don't you take it easy. You been working hard and you should need some break too". This, the plain statement is all she needs to start blushing and smiling. And I don't know what or how to respond to this and I leave for my place. She has been so phenominal at work that we have been going there every day this week and promptly introduced and now she exactly knows what we want.... Well, when we go there for lunch.. so much so that she knows which brand of beer I prefer, the food that suits us, where to place the non veggies and me. Whoa...she is a bomb ticker waiting to blow any time and interestingly our bills have been bouncing around till the ceiling. So am I justified to say that the manager was smart coz he exactly knew what was kicking around and now he has got some serious business in hands.

Now a few peers have started carrying tale that I have quit the organization and taking it easy with the folks from Belgium. Dang !!! Now I got to get back and atleast pretend I work but I still cannot take my mind off her - It is like I am hearing Jessica Simpson's version of Take my breath away and 50 cents Outta control together with T-Pain's I am in love with a stripper forming the base ! Sigh ! I realize now how much women can contribute towards successful businesses - how ever you look at it.

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