Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indianness personified.

Today was a very very interesting day. There are many arbitrary things that interested me in writing it down.

Point 1, the actor Chiranjeevi (read hero) down south, who resembles like a father to 25 and grand father to, say 10, has to face a script (which he has had opportunities to be casted as the mainstay in reel world) in real world. The fact is how many Indian films would have had this heroine eloping with the hero under the pretext of love and subsequently become rich over night after antagonizing the parents and relatives. This is what happened erstwhile now it is out there for all to see the event. Here is how it goes.

Not that I rejoice on seeing this happen to anyone but the mere fact is this guy would have advocated this concept and acted in zillion movies with the same story base. If the guy is well accepted and convinced that the role he did, which reaches several illiterate homes who think what they see on the big screen is so true, then he should have accepted to what happened in his house as well. But he did not. So this is going to be so Indian personified.

Point 2, Another thing I could think of is the incessant urge to out beat the pace of the vehicles before us in a traffic line and eventually to jump the signal when it is red. This pisses me off so much that I almost get into a good argument with them. Today morning when the conversion from Orange to Red happens, I stop, the car behind me honks so much so that I get off my vehicle and look at him. He says "It just got to red illa. You should have gone man and not stop. They don't worry if it is like for a few seconds". I was quite wild. "Hello, the signal opens up in another freaking 20 seconds so why make it a big deal". For records, he sounded and looked like a person holding high position in some work place. What is wrong us that we invest so much on the short term goals rather than look at it so that it may be a discipline. These are the same set of people who would never think about jumping the signal when the go abroad and would be the first ones to bitch about their home land - thinking they are saints here.

Point 3, why is cricket the only big sport in India? Considering there are so many people in India there should have been someother sport well funded and marketed. Sadly so anything and everything about cricket is what we see in the end :-(

Point 4: Why do the girls parents take excessive interest in filling up the "About me" column for the bride in any matrimonial sites? And why is it that the bride use the "catch" words, good in Bharatanatyam, Sing carnatic music and all that standard stuff. Why are women not forthcoming in that regard? Oh I tell you one thing, if there is one good way to make money, then it definitely ought to be the matrimonial sites and their weird membership rates. Can't believe the profits the make.

On a dead serious note, Bharatmatrimony site actually has an IT division too and they are looking for programmers to take care of the "increasing" user base and their queries. Sounds so strange to me anyway. Marriage is one thing , IT is one thing, quite strange how this whole system(arranged marriage) still works !!!!

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