Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No job for life or is it?

Another day at work and today was quite strange that I was getting sorta more worrying about where I was headed to - Cafeteria or Pantry or the Reception or Hit the road again. I was so jobless at work today and that was how I was feeling. That prompted me to do a bit of research on why should "Men" be always forced to work. Perhaps for the money they get in return from "someone" to appease themselves and people surrounding them and eventually at the month feel like you have "proved" a point to one too many around us - like they care. However, there are some "lucky" souls who get to do what they like the most. They are not someone I am willing to compare my situation with (to make it even worse).

What I found in this bit of search was that it is not "me" feeling I am stuck working for say seven years now on the trot, there are some countries that have some interesting reading. The latest poll got me thinking that there are many people who tend to spend more time working for someone. For instance, Greek workers see the longest job tenure in Europe. In 2005 they had spent an average of nearly 13 years with the same employer, according to the OECD's Economic Survey of the European Union. Within Europe workers changed jobs quickest in Britain and Ireland, where flexible labour laws make it easier to hire and fire and where growing economies mean workers are tempted by new opportunities. Employees are most mobile in America (or perhaps most-easily fired), putting in an average of just four years for one boss.

I would be interested to see where India would be positioned at. But on a serious note is'nt it truth that we end up spending lot of time working for a *discreet* employer major part of our life - regardless to whether we like or not.

On a further introspection it is the money matters that force people to work - where ever they are. Maybe that mortgage debt or that money you might have spent on the children's education or whatever be the reason ensures that people end a good amount of their doing what they are doing. But does loyalty to one company, say for 13 years, mean anything - financially? Would that liberate one of all their commitments? I don't know. People long and yearn to get into that "working community" soon after they graduate and how life changes if one does not get into a job and how life changes when one eventually does. But for the time being it looks like I have a long hop !!

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