Friday, October 12, 2007

And the consequence ....

You know life is funny. What goes around comes back and takes a big lump of something from you. No no not about anything bad. It was all because of the previous note which was impervious to a few. The intent was not to showcase anything bad but to have something akin to a shoutbox where you just lend your voice and just feel good that you flushed your system with regards to that topic. That day that time to me it was the Extra Marital affair sequence.

So then I go out to my usual French class (YEA!) and on my way back I get to a coffee joint and have a quick sip of my usual coffee and a quick bite. As I was munching along and lazing around reading an interesting book "Games Indians Play: Why We Are the Way We Are " (review of which would be out in a day's time), I suddenly heard two girls, with their usual accent of Ya and I know thing, came along and one of them said "I read about an article a jerk wrote. It was about EMA and some bull crap". I figured vaguely if they were talking about me. Damn! don't ask me why. The guilt that I wrote something is one thing and the interest to hear them talk with those gesticulations was another. But for the time being I knew it was either me or someone who committed a serious offense. The other one voiced over "Oh yea". The first one goes, lemme show you that piece of crap. I was not quite edgy and that lady quickly rammed something in the puter and since it was a joint to laze around, I thought it was going to be trivial and took it easy with the book.

Guess who the "jerk" is. Viola ! you get nothing for guessing right. It was yours truly and I thought the template of the blog was such a common thing that no one would have recognized. But I was damned. They were actually getting to my blog and were roasting me alive. I was sitting near by and I almost spit everything I had in my mouth when I saw that "Hippie" picture on the right. I was dead sure it was me. All I managed to do was to ask for the check and slipped out of the joint in a jiffy. Along the way I thought there could be something wrong in what I said or wrote. But should'nt I be, like, having that wee bit of freedom to offload what I think. :-(

Anyway, the damage is done and I realized one thing. I will continue to write what I write regardless of what they say. But interesting they called me a "Jerk" :-)

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