Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rated PG - Hell yes !

I was into another dull day at work and was random googling - rather using all possible nuances to test google results and I keyed in something and the first result was - Rate your blog site.

This interested me a little bit and being a narcissist I just love to rate myself, talk about myself, praise myself on how I look regardless of what the fact is blah blah... When I checked the site, I got a bizarre result. The fella classified my blog site as - PG 13.

{Oh! I also think that this rating would have such a good impression about me and what I write in the minds of the mothers of all the girls checking my blog site - Sigh what a wonderful world !! }

Click on this link "here" to figure out what is your rating ! Pretty weird their justification as such. They claim since my blog note has a few questionable expressions so they rate me with this. "This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:butt (2x), death (5x), tit (7x), sex (6x), shit (1x), "

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