Monday, October 08, 2007

The plague

The Black Death, or The Black Plague, was one of the most deadly pandemics in human history. No I am not talking about the pandemic, Black Plague that took unprecedented deaths estimated at 75 million people worldwide;I am talking about how my body and soul were connected in the extended break from the blogger world. I wanted to write so many things, so many nicer changes and lots of expectations I have from my life suddenly but my body just let go of me, it was acting like how Joey acts Nonchalant in Friends episode; it knew all it had to do was to cooperate but it was a stranger and I ended up being a stranger to myself all along.

Perhaps, everyone goes through the phase of wanting to say something but unable to do so because they 'feel' they are preoccupied else where and that bug bit me as well and thus the plague alike feeling within me. However, I have now made an effort to make an attempt to write something and start over where I left a while ago, may be long time back.

One of the many things that I wanted to write was my experience in the recent weeks and that being returning back home a few months back this year when I was having so much fun, switching over my job when I was going great guns and that is when I realised how much of a creature of habit I had become with time - unknowingly. By the 25th of October, the known job, the known lunch mates, the known co-worker, the known loyal friends who laughed at any shit I said, the known place - suddenly became unknown and new. Strangely, I felt so vulnerable and realised I was going through this metaphorsis of re-inventing myself again. Steve Waugh, a renowned cricket player from Australia, wrote in his book "Out of Comfort zone" how much you learn when you make an attempt to get out of your zone, out of your known territory and out of the known enemies. I cannot appreciate that liner more than anyone right now.

Now that this ended up being an event and an important one that too, I thought I should start giving it a thought to start writing and continuing from where I left. I know I have not checked what my (few) "loyal" bloggers have had written over time. I will check out and promise to me more orderly now that I have managed to line up my ducks in this long break. With that, if ever you get bitten by the "plague" bug, you know don't feel lonely [:)].

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