Tuesday, October 09, 2007

EBay and You Tube - For anything and anyone !!

There are two incidents that I really wanted to write about when I think about E-Bay and You Tube. They are the typical internet storm creators when it comes to ruling their own mass. There has been no other bidding site that could match the muzzle strength of Ebay and more so we know what You Tube is capable of in it's own way.

First the scanner on EBay, I read an article in BBC on how an unusual item was up for sale: "For sale: Belgium, a kingdom in three parts ... free premium: the king and his court (costs not included)."

Reason for the odd ad being posted by one disgruntled Belgian was because he wanted to protest at his country's political crisis, which reached a 100-day landmark Tuesday with no end in sight to the squabbling between Flemish and Walloon politicians. BTW, if you did not know Belgium wants to be divided as separate land for the Flemish government and Walloon government. And the Walloon's are constitute the French speaking part of Belgium whilst the Flemish the Dutch speaking group.

Gerrit Six, the teacher and former journalist placed the advertisement Saturday, offering free delivery, but pointing out that the country was coming secondhand and that potential buyers would have to take on over $300 billion in national debt.

Six claims that he decided to vent his frustration through the Internet ad and for his act Six' idea got a mixed reaction on the streets of Brussels.

EBay was happy to take Six's advertisement !! However, the company decided to pull the ad Tuesday after receiving a bid of $14 million. This just summed up that "anything and everything" in this universe is salable and there are always some buyers who can manage to do greater than life stunts. I still cannot believe how a website agreed to throw up an ad to sell a country ** Chuckle **

Likewise the other incident is a rather unfortunate one as for as the celebrity cricket player Ricky Ponting is concerned. It was not long ago that he led the team of the invincibles to the land of Kama Sutra - India. And what he had faced was something that he never would have imagined. Being "force" kissed by a straight faced sober Indian and if he thought no one would ever know, he forgot about You Tube ! And this just sums up that "Anything and Everything" can be found in You Tube.

The next day there was this video posted and there goes the pride of the lion. Wonder how I would ever react to some petty incident for that moment to suddenly become a source for being a butt of ridicule to many others. If I was the opposition captain, I would be really tempted to have a go at him and see how he reacts. Interesting world this is !

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