Monday, September 08, 2003

you get reminded of your fragility daily
you realize that all your metaphysicizing disappears when ure broke or maybe it shifts from existentialism in an intuitive sense to survival in a physical sense maybe survival and existence are not mutually exclusive for, will you try to be one with the universe when youre dead hungry?
i think not i wouldnt be strange, not strange hunger cannot be an illusion, right?
so, from a discussion with a new friend, i gathered the following points

she thinks that we are here to learn something and that we choose people who will help us get there and that we keep facing obstacles throughout the means will be different but the goal is the same

i found that view very optimistic in a non sarcastic way.

so the body is a vehicle, as indian philosophy says profound so the body needs to be at ease before the mind can wander and ponder


consciousness is a strange thing there are times when you look at your hands as you open a door you feel every nerve, every cell you feel the illusion become real a touch is real, isnt it? wht is and isnt an illusion is not the point in the end for, you feel both, almost equally at times think of you doing something that you love like listening to your favourite song or so on, or even just lost in thought for a moment those moments make most sense when you dont question,ponder,seek,judge,define not happy, not unhappy. just there people try to achieve that state by meditation and the likes but in meditation, you control the mind in these random mistakes into oblivion, you do not they just happen an hour feels like a second only you dont keep track of how long that is when, to use a really banal phrase, you are one with the universe you just you.

no dependence, no affiliations, no distractions..youre distracted already you phase out.

is there any philosophy or science that explains this? or is it also an illusion?

another type of oblivion

vivekananda(the one philosopher i relate to, because he never extrapolates to superstition, does he?) said " you are closer to salvation playing football, than reading the Gita"

he was right..

i think he was describing this state or something close to it when your thoughts are just focused on the football and nothing else when you dont try to be the best player on the team when you dont dream of the goal and the your somersaults and the crowd
and you just play for the sake of nothing so maybe we need to work for work itself
all of us typing memos and spellchecking them using freaking Word are indeed pushing towards order in an earthly sense however in just working towards something feeling your body, your hands, your mind focus maybe we are getting close to an answer maybe that is the answer to contribute in thought, if not action to the survival of the human race so that years and years from now, someone might figure something out it stares straight in your face- progress,civilization,order people have died, storms have raged, what not but in a pure statistical sense, as a species,we are getting there maybe the selfish gene theory is indeed valid no absolutes, anyway, of course. let me know what you think