Sunday, September 14, 2003

Great Evening on a memorable day.....

Well we are just back from what is a great evening.. Today was the wedding anniversary of my parents.. 30th Year of nuptial togetherness would go into the history books in couple of more hours time. This has been one good time we had together.

For the past 2 years I have not been with my parents when they were celebrating their anniversary.. Now got an opportunity to celebrate and we did it in a big way.. There is a hotel called the "The Residency Towers" near the Pondy Bazaar in chennai so that is were we decided to curdle and enjoy the evening...

I had around 6:00 booked a table for 3 in the The Residency. We reached that place at around 7:30 and only to understand that the Hotel Residency has another new branch near the Globus in T-Nagar. So then we had to go around the pondy baazaar to reach there.. Man, Initially I was overhauled by what I saw.. What a majestic place.. Went inside a serene enviorn though intimidating.. Spoke to bitchy indian gal in the front desk.. Fuck I cannot understand why this management in chennai compromise on the looks of the gals in the front desk.. She was not seductive, nor was she sexy, nor was she good-looking let alone the way she spoke... Crazy bitch I thought... That is where I stamped my authority.. I was told that the guy who took the call from me left home and I took charge and said "I want to speak to the Manager.. "... God knows what would have happened if the manager had come... Perhaps I would have said "Good Evening Politely:" Anyway as the saying goes you cannot keep a good man down.. So I was shown the way into another Mall like restaurant that they have. Basically hotel residency has a lot of chain restaurants..

Mama and papa were you know am-I-hungry-now kinds of gesture.. Finally we got a place to eat and then we started to hog... Nice place as such very good decors and interior finish.. result a big smooch in the ass when the bill came..Not that costly as the building looked.. But a nice time to say.. We took several fotos in the hotel..
So that was the way the went by.. Nice way to end I thought.. Earlier in the morning one of my mom's friend had called on to greet the couple, then told us to come to their home and she would treat us at Park Sheraton... I thought man now that is a treat.. Phew licking my fingers to get on to their house very soon... Heeee So mean of me but who cares I wanted to know how this park sheraton worked.. Nice way to test is it not..Hmmm...

Okies morrow have to go for work so I will go to sleep now.. Hopefully my 2nd stint here in the new work place would be good for me. Personally I want it that way.. lets see..

Cheers ~