Monday, September 08, 2003

my last blog is admittedly too prolix,sanctimonious, what not

anyway, those of you who were jobless enough to read, thanks

i stand behind what i was trying to say

i other words, i've faced a lot of bitterness trying to MAKE things work the way i want
therefore, going with the tide is the best option
just letting things happen
lets see if that works at keeping my balance

anyway, a comment on my dear roomies
ive pissed them off so much that two of them are starting a blog named "totally anti chaosh"
am so flattered(mwahahahhahhhhhaa cough cough)
anyway my roomies still rock
my room consists of 5 guys
one quiet computer freak
one quiet balanced guy
one quiet new guy
one moderately noisy guy
and one call the cops level noisy one man circus, yes you guessed right, me

iam a circus
if i was watching myself i'd either laugh at myself or go huh?
well, am very noisy.
cant help it
i babble incoherently
make impromptu songs for friends to irritate them
do lots of monkey acting
my mom tells me i was too quiet as a kid
so i think all that repressed mischief is stretching the balloon of my roomies' collective sense of humour
and patience if i may add.
anyway all said and done we all heave collective sighs at the sheer boredom that keeps us from doing anything constructive(refer my old blog abt my roomies)

as i was saying..and as beck says in that song loser

"in the time of chimpanzees i was a monkey"

well, i was,am,really

if you ever happen to chance upon a photo of me in a group
iam the guy with the devil horn fingers tactfully placed at the sides of my head to add masala to an otherwise posing at funeral type atmosphere
um, a funeral and a guy trying to pass off as the devil ..hehe..

also, i have rather weird crazy tendencies

for eg, in chennai at one time i was so bored that

you notice how ppl signal to you that ur headlights are on in the daytime, and then you switch them off
well, i felt these ppl are very nice and deserve a reward
so to pick out all these nice ppl
i used to leave the headlight on
and ride thro
and everyone who signalled got a kiss blown from me
now WHY would i want to do something like that

also, screaming myself hoarse at public places
creating scenes etc

i also have an immense need to imitate accents
i just HAVE to
made enough enemies among desis, now gonna get shot by a southern son soon

i made such fun of my mallu prof's accent in chennai
i used to do her as a serial killer etc
you know..."iyum goayin do gill you, with a too tondy olt dee seey shoak"
"iam going to kill you, with a 220 volt DC shock"

anyway, she found out and once when i accidentally(maybe SHE did it!) managed to let 220V ac almost electrocute me in the lab,
she said, "somedimes you deseyrve itch"
(sometimes you deserve it)
and then i laughed

maybe i did deserve it

i have not flashed or streaked yet thankheavens

anyway...if you think i need ritalin, steal some from your hyperactive lil brother and send


anyway, dont really know what to write about today
exhausted as well
so will think of something more pertinent to say tomorrow