Monday, September 08, 2003

As I walked down the axle looking at the plush walls of the office, I missed a step to once again put my tie in its most accurate position.The reflection on the wall smiled at me smugly.The greyish speckled Zodiac tie with blackish blots looked well set on the light blue Louie Philippe shirt.( I made a mental note to make sure while sitting in the meeting that the symbol of "Upper Crest" is easily visible to people around the table, just to show how articulate Im when it comes to sartorial choices).
I was greeted at the expansive door of the mini-auditorium at the sexth floor, A wing by our demure Miss M, the lead lady of the evening , as expansive as the door."Hi, I was awaiting your second coming. I had this gut feeling that you would come again"
She's in love with me I guess. Atleast she's besotted with my personality and looks !!! Im sure I'm gonna charm her further with my impeccable presentation today. After the formal talks with all and sundry, I figured out it was time for me to go and check myself up in the mirror.I walked with a debonair gait to the Men's Room with an almost affected confidence that the inner self despised. Questions of morals can wait,the evening is for the conceited me. Next five minuted were spend in front of the life size mirror sizing myself up from various angles. ( As if I was trying out a new Levis from Shopper's Stop, Andheri). More or less satisfied with the creases of the trousers and the ironed out beauty of the shirt I looked at myself with a sort of sexual pleasure.Im falling in love with you, dear Mr. Reflection.Does that mean Im a gay ??!! Philosophy,dear mind, can also wait for another evening.As I came out from the restroom I almost banged into dear old Mr. Purohit. "Hey, your paper on the claims analysis for the last learning sharing module was fantastic." And forcibly took my hands and shook them." Why dont you appreciate my new hairstyle you sunofa @#$#@ ?? I almost mused aloud and then thinking of the impropriety of the same ,just allowed him to shake my hands, with a smile that would have made any toothpaste model proud.
The presentation was over. All of them are in awe of me. Im sure not many of them understood either the extremely abstruse concepts or the recondite mode of analytical attack employed. I belong to a higher echelon from where, may be, I can condescend to explain things more clearly to these jerks.Shit, I dont belong here. Oh but did I check myself up for sweat in the wrong place or an out of place strand of hair ??! Dear me, mirror here I come. I took the face wash from my personal pouch and washed my face, making sure the small bath towel spared any droplets spilling over to the "upper crest".Reapplied the gel to the hair. Waited a minute too long to enjoy my beauty ??! No.The sight does thrill me.You look smarter than you have looked in the recent past. But then the curve had always gone up.
During the question answer section , I was stunned by the ignorance all around me. Some people just dont understand my view point. How can people be so dumb as not to see the obvious ??!! And there was one person who even rejected my hypothesis. I dont really think he's an MBA from Wharton as he thinks he is !!! How can he ever get to Wharton ??! Or is it the general standards in WBS ?! I wouldn't ever go there even if I get a call. Maybe I should stick to Kellog's or even Insead or LBS !!!
When some smug looking jack ass was on the dias for defending his thesis, I asked the most erudite analogy that he would have ever heard, with lots of takes from Aristotlean Philosophy and Principle of Parsimony. That would show the world around that Im as good in Philosophy as Im in other fronts apart from making the "smug looking jackass" a "glum looking jackass".Good for him.
Years have passed by.
This life in asylum is getting into my nerves.I dream.I hallucinate.Im falling through a hole to an abyss.And endless chasm with the walls are embellished by small peices of mirrors.I cant hold on to something to have a look. I just fall.Deeper and deeper till the nurse comes with my daily dosage of Valium.

Cheers ~