Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why can't I vs You shouldn't

Ever wondered what it is like when a girl like a boy and vice versa. The rosy picture that life is good and every folly that the other guy did would not bother you much and you somehow seemed to have increased your bar for patience limit. You start singing love bites. You can't breathe when you think about her, you can't speak when you talk about her. First to start when you see a girl that fits your bill you cease to think normal, those adrenaline rush, the heart beating faster than it should, the sleep, the food. Ah ! the dreamy ones.

Oh ho... Wait a minute. Falling in love is no longer fun. These are so so good on paper or on a stage to make your knees go weak and that you feel liberated. The scientists in the contemporary world just seemed to have made an astounding finding - "Falling in love can damage health". Reason - love triggers a range of physical reactions in the body that can seriously damage health.

The doc says the ups and downs of romance cause a range of physical reactions like dilation of eyes, sweating of palms and increase in heart rate. It also leads to high secretion of the hormone adrenaline and that harms the body.

The Daily Mail quoted Martin Cowie, a professor at Imperial College in London, saying that stress related illnesses at work arose from near-identical physical phenomena.

He added that the inability to acknowledge the effects of emotion on our health makes things worse.

"If people are suffering from emotional problems, they need to acknowledge the effect on their health. There is a feeling that talking about emotions somehow makes you weak, but there is a real link between emotions and health".

So if ever you again feel light on your knees and liberated whilst singing Liz Phair's "Why Can't I" number you should remember this - Love byte thrills to end in hurt, in true sense. They said it. Not me.

P.S - This is just not a generalization rather an attempt to link the feeling with the medicine which may or may not be true. So I divulge my thought before I get swatted by Smarty !

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