Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funny News & Videos

Oh before I post anything, just a thought a "Dog" inherits 12 million dollars from it's rich posthumous billionaire master in New York. I mean I know he might have liked the dog much but heck does it matter to the creature if it was a Dollar bill or a piece of newspaper =). It was his money he could have done anything but to leave 12 Million Dollars to a "dog", strange for me Sometimes such idiosyncrasies never cease to amaze me so very much. The news is "here".

If this was one event, a big news event was when a tusker rushed into a circus to woo a female =). Funny world this I tell you. News "here".

When the cow in one of the ad's for chewing gum said "Yellow yellow dirty fella, white white orbit white", I thought there was some thing funny with the Cow's showing their teeth whilst snapping a picture. I think people have taken that seriously and folks in Bengal are taking pictures of their bovines but this time the reason is to stop them from being smuggled across border. I mean, what the heck. The cattle is a cattle just cannot pop up an "ID Card" and say "Hey I am in India" you can't smuggle me. I mean all the cows are just going to be same and they can't identify the steak with the photo, can they? Strange News this.

Sometimes such news breaks out we wonder why we can really have a peaceful place to live. Article here and this.

Can happen only in India LOL. Read the article such a funny one.

Funny abuse of the police public protective system. Was really funny the reasons why they call up the cops.

And the last of fun series, a lady torches a man's private LOL. Wonder why? I was reminded of Fergie's London Bridge with all those fire engines sound et al.. Funny world, truly.

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