Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Girls - What's so special?

God, what ever prompted the segregation and creation of men and women. Perhaps to bring in the great feeling of heterosexual instincts but for that there has been so much mystery about girls. I know they get their maturity and everything else faster than men and obviously their instincts. Knowing me fairly well and how I have lived to trouble everyone around definitely I would not like a clone of me sitting next to me doing what I am doing but what is so nice about the girls even though they travel with their 'baggage'?

There are specific dates to commemorate their existence, docile characters (few exceptions). Oh ! I definitely like them more than men. Men have been good in their own likes mabbe that was why they said each of them came from a different planet all together. The ideologies differ, the 'baggage' they carry is different, men being head strong and practical but having said that we have all have had a good relationship with the opposite sexes perhaps I feeling strongly against my own cult only means I am not a gay. LOL. Seriously there is definitely a bondage between opposite sexes. I mean say the Raksha Bandan. This is an Indian festival which actually epitomizes the relationship that brothers share with their sisters. Heck! there is nothing between brothers mabbe like I said men have a different emotional level and don't really have to explicitly say anything. May be that is one reason why they say opposites attract! But yes coming back to this larger than life event which is being so commercialized these days. Wonder why we really have to commercialize everything around us! See the link "HERE" on how unrelated the whole event has become.

I betcha not many of the new age kids would actually know why they go for this event celebrating the relationship. And I don't blame them either. Because we hardly give a reason to celebrate a festival. We end up being a creature of habit and sometimes mindless in following what we had had been doing for years together. Such is the sorry state of affairs !

It all started in the mythological era, Mahabharata, comes the tale of the establishment of a special respectful bond between Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, and lord Krishna.While the Pandava brothers were performing the Rajasuya Yagna, Krishna injured his finger. Draupadi quickly snipped off a portion from the pallu of her silk sari and wrapped it around his finger to stem the flow of blood.Krishna was quite moved by her concern. He announced that from that day forth the tying of the thread/cloth was a symbol of a special deep sister-brother bond between them and that he would be there for her always.

And he was there for her when she was being insulted by the eldest of the Kaurava brothers, the wicked Duryodhana, years later, when the king took her captive. Duryodhana demanded she shed her sari. Draupadi prayed for Krishna's intervention and he magically provided her with a never-ending sari that saved her modesty.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to commemorate this magically special bond between brothers and sisters.

Any person would know how it is to have a sister. I would have preferred a younger sister mabbe I would not be much spoilt.

I have a sister and here is a virtual greeting to you sista. I may not have been good in terms of expressing myself most times. Seems like we are definitely from another planet indeed. Remembering you and forever !

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