Sunday, August 26, 2007

Funny pictures

I am yet again posting bunch of pictures that is quite funny indeed.

I think it was meant to be "All requirements under one roof" !

And the latest and greatest sound system the guy could ever get his hands on !

And India's answer to StarBucks :-))

Interesting advertisement. Look with intent: Toilet * Cum bath LOL

Guess the guy got a wee bit carried away post Lord of the rings (ColdRings) and the rest - less said the better !

Betcha you don't want to visit this place - no matter how you feel about yourself. Wonder what these guys think before they come up with such names !

And the point to note is the supposed "Coke and Fanta" dring. LMAO can't believe they still have the board there. For 10 bucks, cheap "coke" :-))

And the hero !

Well actually there is a place called "Kambam" in South India. Incidentally, Wikipedia also has the city as "Cumbum" LOL. The city information is "here".

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