Thursday, August 02, 2007

The drama unfolds..

Oh this time of the year I am really really looking forward to the theatrics and the dramatics's. The local interests for plays or theatrics have not died down any bit anytime. Just goes to show when I say it is the third edition since it was launched in 2005 and The Hindu MetroPlus Theatre Festival brings a range of acclaimed plays from abroad and from different parts of India to Chennai. This time around it is going to be over eleven days in August, a variety of professional and amateur theatre groups will stage plays that belong to different genres. This time we have eight plays and a mix of groups from Germany, the United States, Sri Lanka and Indian groups from Manipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

I am quite excited and did my home work and lined up my ducks for all the shows already. I am really looking forward to a few shows already for this season. I might end up watching To the Death of my Own Family, Butter and Mashed Banana, a Srilankan group, Checkpoint - Three Strangely Normal, a German group, Ristorante Immortale, Black with ‘Equal’ , Andromeda, The Attempted Assassination of Salman Rushdie & Killing Time and finally Immigrants which is the week after this.

The synopsis of the show is also written alongside the play and I hope these come out well.

Until then in a high spirit, Weekends here I come !

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