Saturday, August 25, 2007

Travel from faux pas to instant glory.

Back from a small break. I had been silently flipping through several affairs and I was beginning to generalize on an issue and contrary to Vox Populi - Commit a sin, bask in the glory and money follows you then. Reason for me to think about this liner is barely how 'stuff works' these days around the world. I mean look at all the terrorists, the wrong doers they have had their share of resounding success stories. Have'nt they?

I mean look at the 5000 crore scam in Siachen belt, the most treacherous and difficult battlefield in the entire phase of the earth, a 10,000 crore scam in Bihar, the child molester R. Kelly, rapist Tyson, the druggist Snoop Dawg, 50 cents, cheppo ministers of the state, the crook Salman, the poacher Pataudi and son, indiscreet land ownership, Dacoit turned minister, passport scam Monica Bedi, the terrorist Sanjay Dutt and many more such people inculpable of their crimes live a very 'satisfying' life or may be well to do life. Interestingly money seemed to have followed these people big time. Now what would have been the case if you as a common man shop lifted a 100 INR or 10 dollar worth stuff from a store? Mabbe you would be say sent to the county prison. How different are the afore mentioned folks from a common man? Thy look different because thy don't have the ability to mask the rules. The rich echelon folks always have a law for them. And what we see in terms of 'judgement' is just a show down.

More so we forget all that and make a big hoopla out of the situation by 'hero worshiping' each one of these characters despite knowing for the fact that they have done something wrong which cannot be accepted by the society! And at the end of the day, these criminals in their own best come out with statements that they are "Law abiding and trust the judiciary". Is'nt this a joke?

Is'nt the very existence of all these human beings kinda weird? Is'nt the law makers and law in itself a joke? I mean deep down the heart heart we all know a bad person yet we root him because he is a celeb? May be I am troubled so much by these insignificant acts but not sure if this should matter at all. But frankly what do you think about this?

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