Sunday, June 10, 2007

Google scanner !

I really wonder what it means being the owner of Google. One thing it strikes everyone at awe when it comes to their innovation and the other thing people or corporation bent on testing the stress levels by pushing and pulling the image for whatever reason. I think great corporations are those that are able to stand the ground regardless to the pressure. Come to think about Microsoft for a few moments, you would realise how much better off they were then. Now every tom dick and harry want to have a swipe at them and see if they stand the criticism. I remember one of the most sorted after person in the Europe who perpetrated against Microsoft in terms exposing the vulnerabilities was found out and recruited by Microsoft! Perhaps one way of knowing the enemy well would mean good for the corporations growth !!

Now without digressing, and leaving some space to talk about Microsoft glories later some other day, Google's positives were that of bringing innovation. Now that does not mean bringing in new softwares support products alone. It also means how much you make Google a self sufficient system that would make the User to look within the system for any details. I still remember the days when Yahoo and Hotmail were vying with each other in terms of amassing the user population with trifle new operations and yada yada. Google was the no one anywhere types then. It came in with a bang and gave an option of 2 gigs of server space which blew the imagination off the competitors and the users. That is some innovation and as always it comes with a price. There are so many products that Google has managed to create - organic and non organic ways. You Tube acquisition cannot go untold and Orkut - a networking community cannot go unmentioned either.

Off all the positives, there have been a few flip side, funny events too when it comes to Google. The infamous one of them all is the Google Bombs. These are something that the user community did for their political aggrandizement. For instance, when Kerry and Bush were steep contenders for the presidential elections, Google bombs like "Miserable Failure" and "Waffles" in Google search were attributed and linked to Bush's and Kerry's official websites ! That was the first time the Google was on the defense to find means and stop the Google bombs. Quite an interesting set of bloggers joined and formed the Google Bomber's site. Also, just for you insatiable interest to know if there are any more Google Bombs left click on the link Google Bombs.

If this was one story line on political defamation, Google attack seems to be a pleasure indeed. The rate at which people keep trying to catch Google pants down is mind blowing. For instance look at this. I got a mail forward one day about a folly on Google Maps particularly UK. Really funny to see a mistake like this that too when it is meant to show the direction. I spun my head and laughed like nuts.

If this was not enough, my fellow Blogger, Kartic, seems to have truly caught Google naked and seems to be slapping the naked butt hard ! He had coincidentally written about a Google Folly, pretty much when I wrote this ! Call it coincidence or was it an event with intention ! I don't know. This time around the butt of ridicule is the technology used in Orkut. Again I don't blame him. He is from Japan and people in Japan,I am told, can be hearless and merciless when see a mistake like this. But hey, it was another fun point.

But whatever, said and done. It is always fun to make a discovery like this and circulate it around to those that still have a funny bone in them. However, to do this mockery on a technology or for that matter anything as great thing to human community such as Google, as a full time event is not an appropriate thing I feel. Said and done, they are trying .. I think.

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