Friday, June 08, 2007

Why me !

Ever wonder what it is like when the people you had 'hidden passion' on is no longer single but you are? Damn the feeling ! Worst is'nt it. Yea that happened today. My friend in another department of specialization came to learn I was in India and traced my number out and this person I spoke to was a good 6 years back when I was in College * Blush *.

The moment the name was said I am pretty sure it would have been a mutual reaction but we did not speak for long time. Then silence and struggle for words and breath. So questions on what was conquered and achieved all along and a few other mundane questions to follow it. Then the news,"Hey Vik, know something I got married and it is a year now". BURST ! Sob sob. Then we hang up the phone. Question is why me? And as this happens, the clock cries out and I wake up sweating and panting. AH! The dream... Damn you.

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