Saturday, March 29, 2008

When Karma comes back to bite you - Go green !

Well,apparently, that is what has pushed us to the corner now. The impending misuse of natural resource, fossil fuel etc has just left us partially naked to the oppressive conditions and pushing, whilst exposing, earth to extremities of nature.

Who do we really say is responsible for what we are in? Does it even matter anymore? Our advances in technology is a juggernaut which is really going to impend the existence of man. It is during these trying conditions, the die hard saviors of the Earth are wanting us to go back to stone age by 'forcefully' abstaining use of electricity/power between 8 to 9 or 10 every day. This article here talks about how much we fear when Karma comes back to bite us for all our mis deeds in the past. This new moment is spreading across the world and it would be quite interesting how many enterprises and households would be interested in India to go back to stone age with candle power !

There in lies the difference if the major powers (population wise) like China and India , advanced technology abusers (America and other developed countries) seem to heed to this notice. Frankly, from my personal perspective, I would not follow this one hour power shut down concept and I am sure in another 10 years from now no one is going to ask me and they would forcefully snap the cable and power for 5-6 hours in the night ! But then to me this concept does not mean much. It is how much the enterprises make progress towards this concept that is sweeping across the world. If they begin to use more natural resources like solar energy, wind and re-consumption of used energy, then for us to follow this 'forced' power outage makes sense. Else this does not mean nothing huge to me.

But the guilt in us will be quite profound that these "Go Green", "Environmental friendly", "Bio fuel", "Eco compliant" phrases would become a passe and finally we will hope to clear the mess we made out everything around us. To think about there would be traffic jam (because of our satellites in the orbit) by 2020 just sums our abuse not within the world but also outside ! Now these phrases are such a big, fashionable statements that every other person use without even thinking. But whether we persist with this with intent is something that we would never know. But for now, I hate this concept of 1 hour power shut down. How about we make a rule don't use your vehicle for a day instead of an hour power shut down? I think that would be more compelling and profound than the one hour power shut down when I would want to relax after I come from work. I, personally, will not follow this.

How about you?

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