Sunday, March 30, 2008

Box office sell out - Illegal pirated DVD's

It is quite interesting to think whether the 1920's classic - The Bicycle thief or the 5 man army or guns of Navarone OR the international discs like Turtles can fly or City of god or The Motorcycle diaries or Melana or Amelie and many more disc's such as these are available in India for an affordable price? Fear not, the confiscated custom prints are sold illegal outside and I made a lottery on a personal note,for now,I am glad these are inexpensive discs with great quality and I was quite surprised to see the variety of them too.

What was disappointing to me was that I was a member (coughed up lot of money) to a store in Adyar (I am just not going to divulge the name for any future problems) which looked like a shop that sells good and legal versions of the international movies. And not just the membership that was expensive but also every time you lent a disc there was a price to it. So in all it was a costly affair but I was glad that I was doing the good thing by helping the legal effort. My bubble burst yesterday night when I went to this place last night where they told me that they source the discs to that store where I was a member!

This was crazy when I got to know because pretty much they had all the versions - Korea to Japan to French to Portugese to Israel to America to classics versions all sold for a cheap 60 bucks ! And the 'average' Indian mentality to make quick profit was the outcome of the shop in Adyar, who ends up being faking the whole system and charging us about 100 bucks to rent them and see. So now see the difference?

I now found a place where I would go to get my international discs and inspite of knowing it is not the best thing I can do to the society, I give two hoods. I tried to be nice but then in India it just does not help it looks like, sadly?!?!?!?

So what is the benefit of me trying to be all that nice. I am compelled to force myself to think about the book I read a while back where the author makes a punching statement that Indians are privately smart but publicly dumb (Book title "Games Indians Play: Why we are the way we are?"). But I am so glad to know where my International discs are is quite satisfying. They have this, my god, unbelievable collection. I just hope no smart alec would connect my post to the cops !!

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