Monday, March 03, 2008

Ah - Am Tagged.

A mate of mine - Neets, tagged me for some reason and that leaves me like a kid in the candy shop. Not that I have many options around but the multiples of eight's is what these question-answer around is all about. That is just about sufficient to keep me agape. Getting tagged is one thing and answering it is another I think. Not to say some of the questions put up are quite interesting.

Well now, true to me, I randomly pick the questions that I have to answer and then am going to answer it. But the fact is that it is going to be all true to my heart sorts. So yea some are going to be really rated.

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:

Oh well there are a lot of songs that I go over. For now though, let's stick to the following:

Flashing Lights
Kanye West featuring Dwele

Sensual Seduction
Snoop dogg

Through the monsoon
Tokio Hotel

All I Need

Fix you

My December
Linkin park

John Mayer

Hey There Delilah
Plain White Tees

What Goes Around... Comes Around
Justin Timberlake

Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order):

1) Language excellency - I am quite a buff to know and master quite a bit of languages. I started off well, oh infact great on French and Dutch with preliminary level excellence. Intend to learn Deutch, Spannish, Turkish and Egyptian (I am crazy about that inscription)

2) Travel over - I would like to go over to several countries ranging from Hungary to Peru, Slovakia to Argentina. I have plans and am slowly going to achieve them from now. Ah, appropriate to say cometh August, me intends to fly off to Thai/Cambodia. Nice start.

3) Get laid - Oh yea ! words can't describe the feeling LOL.

4) Make a difference to someone's life - I would like to mark a difference on someone's life. Any stranger. We, as a family, actively do lot of social work but then I still feel I can do more. Now that I earn much to my needs and lots more, I would like to adopt a baby girl when I am emotionally prepared to handle them. For now am not ready to deal with kids. They fucking piss me off big time with their rants :-[

5) Find true love - I have had my own chances in the past and before I die I want to find true love (leaving parents, siblings and baggage they bring).

6) Doggie passion - Want to own a great dog and it would be my bestest bud. I even have a cool name for him - Icarus and if it is she - Sabina or Delilah or Nailah

7) Family vacation - Full Monty. We hardly meet up and I would like to eventually take off to an exotic location with full house and have fun.

8) My business - Own my own enterprise. I have a dream to own business. Provided I have the urge and circumstances running in my favor, I would like to chase this bad gurl big time and get over her.

Eight things I say often:

1) What the fuck?

2) Fucking weed - STFU

3) Dude/Mate

4) Beetch

5) Babes

6) Boobs <--- I think about it often and hence I claim I say. You say what you think. LOL

7) Gosh

8) Damnnnnnnn!!

9) Sorry

Eight books I’ve read recently:

1) Catcher in the rye

2) Papillon

3) Tuesdays With Morrie

4) For One More Day

5) Games Indians Play: Why We Are the Way We Are

6) Rich dad poor dad

7) Alchemist/Piano Teacher

8) The Name Of the Rose

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

1) Honesty - Am quite a true talker and no back stabber. In the sense that I am a firm believer that I will be honest in any relationship and I expect the same.

2) Laugh moments - There are no dry moments - they say and I soak and unwind by doing things that make and put me in ease and with that comes the laughter.

3) Trustworthy - I am there for any moments and just don't have to smoke me out for occasions. Trustworthy to the core.

4) Dependable - All for one, one for all sorts

5) Blow the cash up - Shopping, movies, fun moments

6) Independence/Confidence - People around me say and take the aura.

7) Low profile and no airs around - Am cool and I actually like this question, I get to speak highly of myself more than once. Sweet. Yea am cool. Let's leave it at that.

8) Flexible and accept people for what they are - So me again. Let's not go there?

Eight things I am passionate about:

1 ) Travelling

2) Biking/Cycling

3) Muzik

4) Money - Independence

5) Shopping

6) My space

7) Mates

8) Family folks /Doggsss

Eight people I think should do this tag - Nah, I settle down for seven and not eight.

1) Shruti

2) Vidya

3) Ram

4) Keshi

5) SS

6) Shree

7) Aarthi

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