Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend movie review - We own the night.

Quite interesting that we don't, these days, get the movies that are really new and flashy. This movie is an old movie sometime in 2007 I think. But the story line is even older - 1980's sorts. It is about two brothers in a crime thriller. The world obviously revolves around America, this time it is the New York - NYPD who have a catchline we own the night and thus the movie name !

Now typical movie that it is has one of the brothers as the good guy and the other as the bad one -well not bad really but has a reputation for a bad company as he runs a night club. Two distinctive brothers and the dad is the chief of the cops just to add more glamor. Oh by the way brothers are called Joseph and Bobby. Bobby spends his evenings in a den of iniquity, indulging in drugs, alcohol, and gambling, and his model-like girlfriend Amada (Eva Mendes) is never far from his arm. Their two worlds meet when the father of the two men,who is also a cop, gets together with Joseph to ask Bobby for information about a patron of the club named Vadim. Vadim is the nephew of the club's owner, and also a dangerous member of the Russian criminal underworld. Bobby sides with Vadim, and the tension in Gray's brother-versus-brother potboiler reaches melting point as Joseph goes after both his sibling and his Russian foe. All deliver high-caliber performances throughout, and Gray suffuses the plot with enough twists and turns to provide a few surprises. New York City is perfectly utilized as a backdrop to the action, and the cinematographer manages to get the balance between moody, atmospheric shots and explosive action sequences just right. WE OWN THE NIGHT ultimately resembles an old-fashioned cop film with a little Scorsese-like drama thrown in for good measure, and is likely to gain a following among movie fans seeking retro crime thrills.
Obviously the hollywood flick also has it's saga of turns in the middle, the dad getting killed in a car stunt, brother getting shot point blank (and yet survives!), girl friend leaving Booby knowing he is trying to become a cop(Sad moment), how much the brother,Marc, who becomes the big dog of the cops now wants to spend some time with the family and how much Booby misses his girl friend in the last scene inspite of becoming a captain. Very nicely shot those scenes.

I personally liked the way couple of scenes were dealt with like the car chase stunt was quite interesting and the last couple of scenes. However it is a typical movie where the Hero gets to do everything, like become a cop overnight by clearing the exam (like it is so easy) and the last scene where Bobby enters the burning inferno to take the last shot at the villain to calm his senses - revenge as they call. Other than that it is a good movie watch for the weekend. Retro styled though. I give it a good rating of 8 on 10, for seldom do we get to watch good movies these days.

P.S there is going to be some action in the coming days with 10,000 BC and the Bank job movies. I cannot wait to see Bank Job, it has Jason Statham. My favorite. Well we also have another virus attacking a city movie called Doomsday. So technically more nicer movies around the corner. So can't wait !

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