Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekend Movie - National Treasure : Book of Secrets

So? Now that is not an ordinary word, more likely that it is the bigger and better word that set the Gates family run along with Abigale and the funny guy, Riley to rush for another treasure hunt sequence. Now, not that I did not like the plot, I so liked the prequel perhaps I knew what was going to happen every time Ben went in and out with the plans like the world was a home for dumb idiots - includes everyone.

This time around the plot suddenly opens up like the director had some sudden pangs of discomfort for setting the plot and taking time to start off. Rather he brought in characters to just say it was ancient America, civil war time and then the ball is set to roll and as a spectator you exactly knew when what was going to happen - Thanks to the earlier part, like I said before. There seemed a distinctive touch of similarity in the start for a hunt, people club in, the agenda, the antagonists, the plot - treasure, the rushed up action to get that and finally the cops catching up with the protagonists to let them go. Man, why am I such a difficult person to please?

Now one thing that,perhaps, I liked most was the car chase sequence. I liked that Merc with rear parking lights feature that the treasure hunters get to "Steal" from no where to take off from chasers. Can you believe it? But it was well shot, if not as good as the Transporter, but still one highlight of the movie.

What pissed me big time was the freedom with which Ben and Riley switch between France, Britain, US and yea talk about the President getting kidnapped and Riley having a sleak finger to get connected to complex networks, internet by connecting an Ipod,Mobile Phone, Laptop, and another s/w device ! Now, why is it that I don't proper transmission on my phone let alone the internet connectivity enabling ability? He is a super hero on that I think.

There were some goof up as well in the movie and that was quite contrasting as well. I wonder how they missed to catch the elephant sized mistake and let it take off between their legs. They talk about an Indian language called Olmec. Basically, it is a language represented by pictures. And I was thinking I heard it somewhere but surely it was not native America as much as they claim. I trusted my Bud Wikipedia and this is what I found - this language was spoken by the Aztec. However, the Olmec people inhabited south-central Mexico, and their language nor culture never reached 2,000 miles north to present-day South Dakota. Therefore, the entire premise of the city of gold is misplaced by a continent. Oh another one, Ben Gates was actually using an Apple Laptop and it was not really turned on because usually Apple lappy has this glowing Apple logo on the screen whenever it is turned on. So yea they thought they would follow the formula used in most of the Indian cinema eh - Empty coffee cups where the hero finds lots of coffee, working on an idle laptop etc etc. Perhaps they took the "Go Green" concept a too personal.. LOL

Another striking point is that Ben Gates says that the Olmecs sacrificed people by using the board like thing which comes in the end of the movie. Actually there is no evidence found in the history where it indicated that Olmecs performed human sacrifices ! So another place where they could have been a bit more guarded I think. I was happy that I did not see the movie like another one with the corn and coke. I was quite anticipating this movie for a long time and what surprises me is the knowledge this "hero" character has. Man, talk about History, Geography, and whatever, our guy is invincible. I wonder if he was such a great guy with such a talent.

I guess that is beyond the conceptualization of the movie. I guess if you like a quick movie with the desi masala look alike and treasure hunt sequence, I think this is a good one to fill your insatiable feel. Though you would get a bout of emptiness and suffocation of over characterization. But it is still OK considering we don't have very many treasure hunt movies.

I would give a thumbs up and a modest 7 on 10 for the movie aficionados.

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