Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the day when the muzik began...

Well nothing around about this but without any further ado morrow is a big, massive day to all those who are truly, madly and deeply head over heels on one another. Morrow is technically the "lover's day" and yea everyone who is into an open relationship they would hang out, the ones who don't want the world to know a thing about their relationship they would hang out, the ones married would hang out together, the ones going to marry would hang out together, the ones in love would hang out together and in the middle are those unfortunate ones who either got dumped or yet to feel love's prima facie and obviously for those who fake it too.

Morrow is not the day that is for people hanging out with girl friends or with boy friends. Morrow is an universal day for those who believe in love. For all those who like to be loved and for all those who are willing to give an unconditional love to all that matter. So morrow is certainly not an another reason to grow a beard !

I am a firm believer on one this - if you are born on this planet you will be loved by someone so unconditionally but problem is either go find that person or wait for things to happen. Either way there is no way this equation that can be made unbalanced.

So to all the bloggers, here is me, wishing you a good and an enjoyable and fathomable valentine's day. Just simmer in the moment and let the love bug ever so gently bite ya :-)

And for the rest have a good day LOL.

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