Sunday, February 10, 2008

Celebration and think moment

Do we really think when we celebrate when every other part of the body is trying to do something brain is one that is idle and alone [OR] when we think do we celebrate as brain is only organ churning numbers and other parts of the body are idle pretending doing anything. So either way it seems like a mutually exclusive moment. So without much explanation lets get into detail on why we have to call for a toast and celebrate - Apparently this is my 150'th blog entry. Considering how erratic and mindful I can become I have lived longer in the blogville than what I (or for that matter any) would have thought . So now that the moment is starting to sink in, I just humbly say thanks to many readers who found something interesting in what I write and found freedom in expressing what they felt on this purely 'democratic' blog comment page.

With that gone by I had gone to unwind myself in the Leather Bar today and it was quite strange to see the amount of foreigners. As we began to be the guzzlers of what we found - as Ron there call us the 'Guzzler Bear', something suddenly began to run in my mind. In the happy times I was saddened deep within myself. I did not know but I managed to take it easy and tried to recall quick celebrity names who kept popping in and out - there was this fairly not so famous guy there Mahmood in the English Men's cricket team. He was a bomb shell walking and laughing. Now the week that went by ended up being such a hectic and mentally strenuous one, I vividly felt how much we - read all Indians, are still carried away by the color of the skin. Half the people who I meet and talk try hard to talk in English and that disdained Hindi. Because they mistake me for a stranger in the city. When I try to make their life easy by talking the local language they say 'yea it is strange you talk this language' and shot 2, I see another guy from local town with a different skin color and to him things are kept in a different level by the same guy.

So what's with the color that adds more impetus? I mean couple of our Belge friends and I went to some nice restaurants for some quick afternoon bite and they felt so deeply offended with the way the restaurant boy to the manager treated them Vs the rest (now the Indians all in one group). So why are we still such a prisoner to the skin type? How many men ask for "Fair Women" alone for seeking their hand for the wedding? How many dark skinned women appear in ads that typify a product? How many billions of dollars are spent on the skin grafting and rejuvenating procedure? And yet we still face with many hard, unanswerable questions in front of us which we seek to hide them under the carpet of our existence. Several thousand women still want to change over from Dark complexion to Fair. How about trying to change or improve your inter personal skills which would go a long way in getting a mate and not trying to be someone who you are not or never will be. Sometimes we end up chasing that lonely star that never existed which we realize when the youth and our most revered life has just gone by right in front of us.

When we see a darker complexioned foreigners we usually tend to think, "Oh that is alright, they should be here for some surgery!". But when it is a fairer one things change, our perceptions change, our treatment to them change, our behavior to rest change - we suddenly become the only alpha male trying to guard them all. Britishers ruled us several 100 years back and thus leaving this "Stigma" behind that a fair complexioned person is typified as a boss, whether he/she likes it or not. So have you ever had this feeling in you before? Have you had a chance to introspect and see why we pride ourselves when we hang out with the "white" skins [OR] why do we over oblige ourselves to them? I remember a guy at work, whose name obviously I can't say :-), when he talks to folks in Belge he goes so sweet and nice toned and ever so accepting whatever they said and when he got to speak with his Indian team guys he just use to blast them out for no reason or for that matter even talk. Used to feel like a shell from a howitzer gun ! It is like two guys in a bottle and it was the bad guy who was always on the fore for the anyone other than white. So servile, so mindless.Why is this attitude so common in our part of the world? Indians, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese, and the rest of the small insignificant countries in Asia all do it under the pretext of Culture. Chinese did it to their emperors and that act was called Kawtaw! We do that to them all in style and in turn we pride ourselves when 'they' get the work done for real dirt,cheap price and we will never respect human forms within our clan !

I don't like that part of the attitude. Maybe folks have much inferiority complexes to deal with? May be fair or white as a canvas is a good expression in real life too.

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