Monday, February 25, 2008

Abortion - Is that a way out or way that should be avoided?

I would like to know from most what they think about Abortion. For what I am going to put or say add subsequently is how Abortion is done and the after effects. I am like so shaken up right this moment, when I got the mail, I think it is really bad that effort. Honestly, until now I just did not realize how brutal that procedure would be until I saw some pictures, which obviously I am going to put up right here. Reason - if it hurts someone who died, it should hurt and educate the readers who see it.

Sometimes we get so busy and interestingly fanciful about the science involved, that we just forget the real pain to someone who is like wanting to live and walk the space you and I have. I think they deserve to. I had sometime back spoken against the medical procedures for losing the subcutaneous fat and in general all sorts of lazy, my ass procedures that people follow without even knowing what it is like after the procedure. I think half the people who take the operations such as these would not know what it is like in first place - may be ignorant?!?!?!?

I guess I would make an attempt to walk and talk about another scientific procedure -Abortion. I think it is a double edged sword. People get pregnant when they don't want to and as a result when they are like have no where to go resort to this. But the cruelty part here is just what appalls me as much as it is. I have always advocated about killing a child when you just not prepared to raise it. I mean, what is the whole idea in dumping a kid in a trash can and leave it to the dogs or some good hearted souls to take care of the baby after it is born. How cruel can that be?

I had quite recently visited an orphanage in Bangalore where the new born kids are washed and poop cleaned with the same cloth. I know the ewww factor and that question mark sized faces. But the fact is the trauma people go over because of some unplanned and some out of urge sexual activities is unbelievable. May be this is one reason why the Republicans were against the Abortion. But what is the solution if I am going to oppose it? I don't know but I can strongly advocate just for safe sex. How much easy can that get? I am like so saddened and clueless what would be the best way for not having some child when you are just not prepared to. I don't know if there existed any other way other than abortion. But abortion is no peaceful way out as it sounds - as much as I thought until now. May be I would take time to think and relate to what would be plan B for an event like, but the easiest way I can think off is to be conditioned about safe sex. How much louder would people be told? Science can be heartless sometimes. :-( Here's a look at how abortion looks like.

But I think what science has given us is an opportunity to deal with this more as a devil's advocate. Hence it is going to be heartless. Imagine if no one chose this procedure and if we condemned it how many hapless and poor kids would survive the ordeal and come clean anyway? We would only be creating organized thugs. I think sometime we have to go a bit numb - comfortably numb over what medical procedures offer us. I am still not over what I saw in the pictures. But I think we don't have a choice either. Are you going to tell the 12 billion people in the world not to have sex? No not possible. Safe sex? Yea pretty much but not all the time it works. There are failures in successful models too. What if the contraceptive did not do what it was supposed to do? Should the person carry the cross and be vindicated for what happened then? There has to be an exit door? Yea but I feel there could be a more easier, graceful bye-bye to these small guys. I wish...

Be warned, it is going to be graphic.

Ok Pictures were quite graphic and some women readers cautioned me to remove them off so to respect their feelings, I rip the pictures off.

We all are comfortably numb!

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