Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ever wondered what this would mean to us. We know that there are so many people in this world that go to bed with an empty stomach. And we don't realize this until we experience this first hand. As LP sang in one of his songs "It does'nt matter.." Today for the first time I woke up hungry and that sure was not a great feeling what so ever. I wonder what would be going through the minds of those who perenially wake up hungry and sleep hungry. My heart goes out to them. But it is not what I, alone, as a person who can work on fixing this problem. Sometimes these are some of the gimmicks that would earn the people some cool money. Hitherto, this country is so humongous that it just cannot stop to think for one particular group and work them a solution for alternate survival mode. Sometimes these are brought upon by themself. The most vulnerable ones in this game are the children. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly they accept to play the part for getting easy money. I don't know whom to blame and what to blame for this. Just that it was not a good feeling to be hungry.

The site Hunger Site is about the hunger. If anything that,someone who reads this blog can do would be to contribute to abolish this.

The site Care org also talks about what poverty/being hungry means to them.

On the hungry note, I sign off.