Monday, October 16, 2006

Back after three long years. Was alive all along and all over but this place and Is'nt it amazing that we get so pre-occupied with what we do and what we want to do that we sometime tend to get blown away by the wind from the present. Well, to say the least, this is the same exact thing that had happened in my life. For a minute I stop and look back at my otherwise satisfying career and hitherto! what do I find, I just compromised on one of the interesting pass times, the blog. I am thankful that I just could stop for a second, if not screech to a halt, just to relive my moments.

For records, I am Vik Rajagopalan and I work in an IT corporate world. One of the many lost souls in search of something. I am going to make it a point to restart from where I left just to make it a habit. Let's see how far I get with my wish.

Sit back, relax and lets enjoy the fun ride that is about to start.