Thursday, October 26, 2006

First impression..

Although am no stranger to Madras but being here after a long time was just as nostalgic as it could be. But the general Indian attitude to everything has not changed - Callous, taking things for granted but apart from being cynical there were few positives as well. First up there is a remarked need for human resources, in form of air stewards and air hostess, to carter the needs of the passengers in the inbound flights. That was a good feeling but if we do a one-on-one comparison to the services that other experienced flight mates have to offer, we somehow seem to be so lagging behind. When I was coming from Dubai to Madras by Emirates EK 540 airbus, one of the air hostess was an Indian and she was so laid back. Hid herself behind one of those posh seats and made the passengers find their place and the assembling their cabin luggages all by themself. I was supposed to sit in 26A, which is a window seat, but the cabin tray's were so full that I had no other option but to ask her for help. She was almost breathing fire with those looks not so friendly at all, which is so against the norms of being an air hostess. When I asked for assistance she was like try other cabin tray's. And I kept searching for one after another. It was like a treasure hunt and was not cool at all. I was now 5 rows ahead of my seat finding for a place for my lappy and cabin luggage. And I see no help coming at all. She stood her ground and looked happy as if she accomplished something. The fellow passengers next to me were some slovakians and they were so pissed off for me that they got up and called for me. Now the airhostess was getting shaken up and it was getting visible as well.

The Slovakian said to her,"If you cannot help don't offer to help !". Now that was such a huge statement and the air hostess did not have any room to hide her face. Almost about to cry. Eyes redenned and a glare at me. Hey I was innocent.. But deep down she got what she needed. A typical airline travel would see a majority of the cabin crew offer some assistance to store the luggages in the tray up. This goes to show the need for some serious training which we seem to compromise because of the demand and need. Out of Madras Immigration line, one of the most interesting points, rather highlight, would be the Customs. They were phenomenal. No under the table acts. They were so spontaneous. Just did their job and were so descent enough that I was so plesantly pleased. I guess one of the best people at work. Bombay was so cheap. They go to the extend of threading something or anything out of the passengers.

Once out of the airport the city seems to be so full of life. My heart was almost out of the mouth during the travel. Unbelievable motorcycle stunts and buses, trucks, cyclists vying for that little bit of edge to go ahead of the pile. I guess this is such a wonderful attribute of India. This is India. The need and struggle to be on the edge of the seat, perenial tension to do well yada yada. I guess nothing has significantly changed in India but for some Infrastructure growth. Which to me is a smart move. Reason, Madras to me is on the verge of being so competitive with Automobile, Textile and finally IT companies bee lining to set up their shop. And an effort to bifurcate and stabilize the crowd is the need of the hour which the government is addressing. That is such a pleasing move and that is where Bangalore seems to be losing to other cities. The callous government attitude is now like shooting oneself in the foot. As I continue and struggle to get used to the conditions here, I am enjoying it so far.......