Monday, October 30, 2006

End of October..

Leaves me another exact 24 days of vacation. Back to the place where they accept me as theirs, where they are longing to see me back but I am quite inclined to being here. The mess is too much for me to handle off late but that is how this has been for a long time and interestingly, these days I end up comparing how this place is and always people have their ways of doing things and yet remaining happy amidst so much of adversity. I think for me it is the most appropriate time to move on with life. But when I see people around they scare me by saying coming back to Madras would not be the smartest of moves. These things have caught me pants down. I have been forced to think and puff that much steam when I want to make a move back home.

On that much of a thoughtful note, I end this note.