Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why House Wife and not House Husband?

That brought a smile did’nt it? The title was not carefully chosen to bring a smile on the readers face but it is how I think most times now. Now, a thought like this does not mean I am married or does not mean I am in an affair (DARN!). But, yes, ever wondered why the word “House Husband” is alien to us all? I don’t know why. When a few mates of mine and I were having a cuppa coffee, something came inline with the house wife thingy and I promptly said “House Husband” and every one started giggling (the common girl trait that I don’t like much). I was dead serious and yet they laughed like nuts when they heard that word.

Who coined the word House Wife and why did that same exact person forget to say House Husband? Why is it that most working woman with charming degrees give up work after marriage to become a House Wife? Why is it that a House Wife word seems so decorated and acceptable and not House Husband? Is it because we are trying to be genetically discriminative?Simpler solution is perhaps to make the House Husband word common and yet drive home the point that, if born as a male then you have to go out to work eternally and bring the money and ration home. That way a person like me would not be in grief and would rather be apathetic to the entire usage.

But seriously, am still mumbling, when can someone proudly say I am a House Husband as much as others do when they say "Am a House Wife"?

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