Thursday, May 31, 2007

Democracy or Demoilism(Democracy + Communilism)

The word Democracy derives from the classical Greek demokratia, formed from the roots "Demo" the mob, the many and "Kratos" rule. According to Wikipedia, there are so many forms of democracy and what they are in terms of the society where we live.

Likewise, the word communilism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization based on common ownership of the means of production. (According to Wikipedia). There were many successful and renowned leaders in their fields of interest who were quite famous and advocated Communism. China prospered immensely being a communist state.

Although the existence of each sort of ruling formula has it's own flip side. We all know how the ninth largest city in the world, Shangai in China came into being. How it was before and now is totally astounding and just goes to show the success of a communist state. If this was a success story, the failure of communism is best answered in the link. In turn, India practices Democracy and I think this society is something that is quite pulling the growth of the people and the country herself. Almost half a century has elapsed now that India practiced democracy. It is widely claimed that the practice of democratic system in India is a success. Superficially the claim seems sound since parliamentary government is at no time interrupted from its inception. But it is closer to objectivity when things are viewed from their practical perspectives and one prefers it. Has India become a failed state? Answer is Yes and a No.

After being spoon fed by the information I have gathered from the Internet, I think with the
heavy population and their growing demands PLUS the growth of the country on it's own needs a small re-definition of Democracy. There should be a need to have a basis on who rules the country, an independent council monitoring the finance books, a Council that provides quicker solution to any problem faced by the common man and many more. There is a group or a body that does it now in the present world but it takes it's own course. A rape case takes 2 years for a ruling, a hit and run civil case takes 4-5 years regardless of the stay orders. And what I am talking about is just a small percentage of many more long standing cases.This cannot be the solutions for the increasing growth. For instance, the idea to clear the 10 Billion Dollars land, Asia's biggest slum - Dharavi, to a residential apartment model is never to get off it's bottom in a Democractic society. I bet my bottom dollar on this. So many parties would get involved and so many money laundering acts and then we would be where we started after 5 years !

I think, Demoilism(Democracy + Communilism), should come into foray soon. Be communistic when needed and be Democractic when needed. I am not sure this would be much appreciated by all. But to win some you have to lose some. Beggars did come into existence because of lack of food. They came into existence because they thought this was an easy way to make a living. Occupying someone's land to make a business came into being because that again was an easy business. These entities are not needed in a society. They are leeches and are an impediment to the forward moving society.

Some one made a remark, "India's development in the current situation is despite the Government and Development in China is because of the Government". How we want to live is based on the decisions we enforce. A tablet may be bitter or sour or whatever, but the after effect makes us a happy camper.

I just hope Demoilism would soon be a reality. I hope......